1000×5 a winning formula for literacy

The 1000 x 5 Children’s Book Recycling Project, which aims to ensure every child in the Saanich Peninsula has at least 1,000 books read to them by the time they are five years old and entering kindergarten.

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New book describes path from sorrow to serenity – sales to support foundation fund

Karen McCoy, a certified trainer and sports nutritionist, has just published One Rep at a Time, a memoir that includes her eight-week BLISSTM Body Makeover Program. One dollar from the sale of each book will go to the Tristan Graham Children’s Foundation, a fund set up by Karen’s son and managed by The Victoria Foundation.

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Victoria Foundation Sponsors Vital People feature with CHEK TV

The Victoria Foundation is sponsoring a new series with CHEK TV called Vital People. To be aired each week on the 5:00 pm Sunday News, Vital People will share the stories of people and organizations working on the vital issues that contribute to the health of our community.

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