Celebrating the people who make our community their legacy.

Membership in the Victoria Circle is for those individuals who have communicated to the Victoria Foundation their intention to make a future gift through a bequest, a charitable trust, a life insurance policy, a gift of property or retirement fund accumulations, or other estate plan.

As a member of the Victoria Circle, donors have the opportunity to be listed in our reports and invited to special events – unless of course, they wish to remain anonymous.

Donors join the Victoria Circle for a number of reasons. Some join to perpetuate a lifelong passion, to inspire greater giving, to fuel the dreams of generations to come, to involve their families in charitable giving, or to thank a community that has enriched their lives.

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Over 330 Victoria Circle Members as of September 2022

Robin and Maureen Applewhaite
Per Ardua
Ian and Gloria Back
Kathleen Bakony* & Robert Janus
Dr. Pervez (Perry) and Annamaria Bamji*
Barbara and John Barton
Andrew Beckerman
Ann Belither
Natasha Benn
Alfred and Roberta Birch
Farrell and Penny Boyce
Susan and Gary Braley
L.L. Brougham
Donald and Diane Brown
Evelyn Butler
Ted and Rita Button
Mary and Terry* Cake
Colin & Judith Cameron
Maxine A. Campbell
Alan Case
Ed Chwyl
Dr. Joyce Clearihue
Sue Colgate
Maria Alway and Joseph Connors
Bob Vigerut and Shirley Coomber
Kirsten Andersson and barb cummine
James Darke and Anna Tieman
Randy Diamond and Dree Thomson-Diamond
Beth Stevenson* and Leland Donald
Commodore Jan and Mrs. Janice Drent
Judy Estrin
Terry Fetherson
Karen Anne Finlay
Anne Forsyth
Viveka Foundation
Aline and Norman* Fowlow
Allen Gage and Chanda Pacholuk
Tony Gibb and Connie McCann
Jim Glenn

Coryn and Tony Gooch
Dan and Maryann Greco
Laura Groos
Susan Guild and Derek Prout
Thomas Hackney
Anne Hale
Carol Hall and David Moffat
Betty and Shell Harvey
Jolanta and Frank Hess
Gloria and John Hopewell
Jane K. Hutchins
Michael* and Jan Hutchins
Ruth Ilnytzky
Matthew Jensen
Audrey Johnson
Elleanora (Ellie) Johnson
Will and Sharon Keay
A.D. (Sandy) and Glenda Kirk
Louise Klaassen
Susan Pickard and Ernest Kuemmel
Nathan Lapointe
Dr. Beverly D. Leipert and Dr. Russell W. Cornett*
Louise MacDonald
Heather Mace and Michael Lebrun
Keith and Jennifer MacLeod
Anne and Alan Macnab
John and Diane MacRae
Alan Marcus and Gail Nagley
Dianne and Al* Marks
Edward Bauer and Mildred Martens
Norma J. and Robert G. McArthur
John H. McEown
Ms. Shirley McGill
Judy Prince and John McKerlie
Steve and Barb McKerrell
Neil and Tacye McLagan
Paul Eastman and Michael McLandress
Lind Miller
Vic and Shelagh Murray
Patricia and Gerald* Neely

Sara Neely
Colin Nicol and Justin Wainwright
Mary Martin and Bob Peart
Shaun and Penny Peck
Penhall – Maxey
Jonathan Rayner
Charles and Sandra Richardson
Kathryn Righetti
Alan Rycroft
Mr. Laurie Rubin
Paul and Joan Rushton
M.M Scandiffio and O.M. Guinness
Lorne and Usha Schick
John and Diane Schmuck
Catherine Scorey
Barbara Scott and Richard Lewanski
Kenneth Scott
Patrick Shannon Family Trust
Bonita Butchart Smith
Pamela and Brian Smith
Sharlene Smith
Carmen Spring and Rodney Flowers
P. Gail Squire
Mr. Raymond St. Arnaud
Joseph & Marian Taylor
Arnold and Win Stewart
Dorothy and David Torontow
Cheri and Geoff Van Delst
Stephen and Colleen Venables
Peter and Nancy* Vivian
Mark and Micqualyn Waldie
Michael Wolkowicz and Patricia Weldon
Susan E. Wetmore
Carolyn and David* Whitfield
E. Wight
Fred and Roberta Williston Family
Yee-Tau Wong
Bob Wood
Neale and Debra Wortley
Jozette Wygergangs
Anonymous (163)
* Recently deceased

We acknowledge the passing of these former Victoria Circle members with gratitude for their thoughtful gifts for the future of our community.

Enid and Rodney Allan
Judith and Richard Andersen
Elizabeth Bell
Chantal Berard
Richard and Winnifred Bocking
R. Boyes and G. Wilson
Dr. Michael Brennan and Dr. Linda Spano
Frank J. Cappello
Terry Cake
Aurel and Adele Chanady
Mertie Chilton
Marion Cumming
Hugh Davidson
Bob and Jo Durie
Gwen Ewan
David and Sandra Goodwin
Chris Gower-Rees
Caro Hagar
Marsha Hanen
Frieda Anita Hart
Rudi Hoenson
Michael Hutchins
Fiona Hyslop

Dennis Kellet
Dorothy Krimmer
Ian and Margaret Mair
Thomas Mayne
Carole N. MacDonald
Hugh and Helen Mogensen
Ramsay Murray
Belsonia Paul
B and D Paulsen
J. Alvin Pelter
Alison Prentice
Susan Sjostrand
Anne Steers
Beth Stevenson
Marnie Trace
Michael and Anne Tyler
John van Wees
David Whitfield
Kenneth J. Williams