The Adoption and Permanency Fund of BC was established by the Province of BC and the Adoption Council of Canada to support individuals and organizations that are working to help British Columbia’s children and youth who are awaiting adoption and/or other permanent connections.

The Fund is managed by the Victoria Foundation.

Granting Guidelines

  • Who do we fund?

    The Adoption and Permanency Fund provides funding to individuals (researchers for example) and both registered and non-registered charities and non-profit organizations.

    Activities related to the support of private individuals or families are not eligible.

  • What do we fund?

    The Adoption and Permanency Fund provides grants to help individuals and organizations:

      • Create new ways to increase the number of children and youth making healthy lifelong connections with a family, community and culture;
      • Develop greater awareness of the need for lifelong connections, and;
      • Facilitate adoption programs and services within BC.
  • How do we assess applications?

    An independent Advisory Committee – made of up people who represent the community served by the fund – establish granting criteria, evaluate applications, and make granting decisions. The Victoria Foundation supports the work of this Committee and distributes the funds based on their decisions. Committee members put in countless volunteer hours of thorough review and thoughtful deliberation, ensuring that the funds are used efficiently and effectively – supporting as many individuals, families and communities as possible.

  • How to apply

    The Adoption and Permanency Fund of BC awards grants for projects and programs that use innovative approaches to support lifelong connections.

    In particular, we look for:

    • New, unique and experimental approaches;
    • Evidence of collaboration or partnerships;
    • Experience with adoption and/or permanency;
    • Capacity to deliver the proposed project, program or research;
    • Representation from across BC.

    The Fund offers two separate granting programs annually – Full & Research Grants and Micro-Grants


    Grants of up to $20,000 are available for projects and initiatives that demonstrate strategic collaborations will be considered:

    1. Raising awareness of:
    • the need for permanent placements for children and youth, particularly those with special needs, specific cultural considerations and aboriginal children;
    • permanency options for children and youth in care, including adoptions by foster families, kinship placements, custody agreements, open adoption, aboriginal customary arrangements and other alternatives.
    1. Supporting healthy and positive permanent families through:
    • special community, educational and cultural events;
    • development and/or implementation of new models of permanent care
    • parenting and family support;
    • projects aimed at teen transitioning and identity issues related to adoption, kinship arrangements, inter-racial placements etc.;
    • inter cultural adoption support;
    • activities for children and youth with special needs;
    • training and support for groups and/or group leaders.

    Applications for the 2025 Full Grant Program will be available on September 3, 2024


    Grants of up to $20,000 are available for projects and initiatives.

    Applications are accepted for the development of action research involving a partnership between the adoptive and academic communities. Innovative research projects that have practical application and are useful to the adoptive community will be supported. Applications are invited for research of evidence-based best practices, evaluation of innovative approaches, or start-up funding for longer-term research that focuses on:

    • increasing the number of children living in permanent families;
    • preventing the disruption of permanent placements involving children in care or;
    • those who were formerly in care.

    Applications for the 2025 Research Grant Program will be available on September 3, 2024


    Grants of up to $3,000 are available for new or existing activities that promote permanency options for BC’s children and youth. These small grants are intended for the following purposes:

    • promote and encourage adoptions and permanency arrangements;
    • assist in the development of, or attendance at, special events, workshops, and conferences;
    • provide support across British Columbia on issues related to adoption, culture and ancestry;
    • develop organizational systems and training which can be used by others; and
    • engage in results oriented research which can be used by other organizations in the support of children and youth in care seeking permanent families.

    Application Deadline – April 26, 2024

    Download 2024 Micro-Grants Application Form

  • Contact us

    Rory Grewar, Director of Special Funds:

    Telephone: 250-381-5532
    Fax: 250-480-1129
    Address: 200-703 Broughton Street, Victoria, BC  V8W 1E2

If You Have Received a Grant

  • Do I have to complete a Final Report?

    YES. If you received a Micro-Grant, Full Grant, or Research Grant from the Adoption and Permanency Fund of BC, you need to submit a Final Report upon completion of your project. Reports must be prepared using this template and must be filed within two months of the completion of your project.

  • Is there a funding hold back?

    Many grants maintain a 10% hold-back pending submission of the required Final Report. If you are unsure if your grant has a hold back, please refer to your grant confirmation letter.

  • What if there are changes to my project?

    For any changes to your work plan, timeline or budget, please contact us to review the changes in advance of implementing the changes.

  • What if I have more questions?

    Please contact us:

    Rory Grewar, Director or Special Funds:

    Fax: 250-480-1129

    Address: 200-703 Broughton Street, Victoria, BC  V8W 1E2

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