Thriving Non Profits supports your organization to diversify revenue for greater impact


Non-Profit organizations are dealing with today’s most complex challenges and when an organization is financially strong, they are able to answer community needs in different ways.

Organizations participating in Thriving Non Profits learn enterprising strategies that can be used in innovative ways to diversify their revenue and increase impact: from traditional strategies like donations, grants & events to exploring new revenue streams like fee for service, social enterprise, and asset acquisition.


How does the program work?


With over 50 organizations and counting, the program’s mission is to develop the strength of the impact and civil society sector, shifting financially challenged organizations to financially powerful agents of change.

Each participating organizational team will consist of three people who will all take part in workshops with coaching tailored to your goals. Ideally, this would be a board member, your executive director, and a senior staff person. You will leave with a financial diversification strategy and an implementation plan for your organization, linked to the overall impact you want to create.

Over 4-6 months, participants take 10 modules, six workshop sessions and receive 10 hours of coaching support. Each module integrates the real-life experience of organizational leaders who understand the complexities of social purpose organizations.

Many past participants have successfully implemented strategies developed by their organization during the program and maintain valuable connections with other leaders for ongoing support.


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Victoria Foundation partnered with Scale Collaborative in 2014 to bring Thriving Non Profits to the community. Vancouver Island / Gulf Islands Cohorts are delivered by Scale Collaborative and supported in partnership by Victoria Foundation, Coast Capital, and the Rural Opportunities Fund.

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