Anyone can give to a Community Action Fund (CAF) to make a meaningful impact on their community’s wellbeing.

Every day, charities and non-profits in B.C. rely on community support to achieve their missions, but often those who want to give might be unsure of which organizations to donate to, might not have time to research, or they might believe they don’t have enough to give to make a meaningful impact.

Community Action Funds are one of the most convenient and flexible ways you can make confident decisions in your giving – whatever your situation may be – so that you can make the greatest impact in our community.

Making gifts together is powerful. Collectively, we can do so much more.

Giving to a CAF couldn’t be easier. Simply choose from 10 funds that represent different cause areas in the community, such as food security, housing, education and learning, gender equity, and more.

Your generous gift will be pooled with other donors’ gifts, and the funds are then granted strategically to many organizations within the cause area, that serve the community in crucial ways.

These organizations have a strong need for funding, and your support, no matter the amount, will help them greatly by contributing to flexible, general operating funds.

Your generous gifts are routed to the best possible places.

Your gift to a CAF has the greatest impact in our community because it’s directed to multiple organizations and initiatives with the greatest need.

The Victoria Foundation determines these needs by building year-round relationships with trusted community leaders and sector experts. The Foundation participates in face-to-face dialogues with local charities and facilitates influential sector-based research, including the annual Victoria’s Vital Signs.

The Community Grants Program is another powerful way the Foundation learns about the visions and operating needs of local organizations.

These are just a sampling of the initiatives that help the Foundation direct your gifts in ways that truly make a difference, and that you can feel confident in.

* Individuals, families and fundholders gave 233 gifts to the CAFs in 2023
* 11 donors support their favourite Community Action Funds with a monthly recurring gift

Community Action Funds uplift organizations that serve our community and improve people’s lives.

Your gift to a CAF made between January and May will be distributed through the Victoria Foundation’s Community Grants Program. Outside of this period, your gift be distributed through one of the Foundation’s other equitable granting initiatives.


Support a Community Action Fund today

Giving to a Community Action Fund helps advance trust-based philanthropy.

When you donate to a Community Action Fund, you align your giving with the best practices of trust-based philanthropy – the Victoria Foundation’s primary granting philosophy.

As a grant maker, the Foundation has a responsibility to confront the ways our sector has contributed to systemic inequalities in granting. We are committed to working with donors in our community to apply an equity lens to our work throughout the region, based on principles of deep trust, inclusivity, community relationships, and transparency.

By giving to a CAF, you are directly helping create a more equitable world for everyone.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will my donation be used?

    Your gift to a Community Action Fund before late May, 2024, will be distributed within your desired cause area through Victoria Foundation’s trusted granting program – the Community Grants Program. Contributions made after May will be distributed from the Community Action Funds based on available granting fund balances and community needs within each cause area. For more information on how granting decisions are made from the Community Action Funds, contact our team. 

  • How are distributions made through the Community Action Funds?

    Donors can have confidence their gift is being put to the highest and best use. The Foundation’s close connections and face-to-face dialogues with local charitable organizations – together with research from reports like our annual Victoria’s Vital Signs – allow us to provide insightful, effective grants. From January to May, grants are distributed from the Community Action Funds through the Community Grants Program. Contributions made after May 22 will be distributed from the Community Action Funds based on available granting fund balances and community needs within each cause area. For more information on how granting decisions are made from the Community Action Funds, contact our team. 

  • Can I support a specific charity through my gift to a Community Action Fund?

    No. Gifts to the Community Action Funds will support the areas of greatest need within one of the specific 10 cause areas. Donors are not able to specify a charity within that cause. If a donor wishes to support a specific charity our donor services staff will be happy to assist with those grant recommendations. Contact donor services at 250-381-5532 or 

  • Can I remain anonymous when I make a gift to a Community Action Fund?

    Yes, you can donate anonymously by typing “anonymous” into the name box when donating online through Canada Helps. You can also donate anonymously by phoning in your gift or by sending a cheque. 

  • Will I get a tax receipt for my donation?

    Yes. All donations will qualify for a tax receipt. 

  • Will the Victoria Foundation be charging any fees?

    We do not currently charge any fees for gifts made to the Community Action Funds. However, to ensure we can continue providing this vital support, the Foundation will assess a fee in the future against each Fund. Donors will receive the full value of their gift on their tax receipt. 

  • Which organizations have received funding from the Community Action Funds?

    Since the creation of the Community Action Funds in 2020, gifts to the funds have been distributed through the Community Grants Program and other granting initiatives of Victoria Foundation.  

    Here are the organizations that received funding from the Community Actions Funds in recent years.   

    See the 2023 Distribution list HERE. 

    See the 2022 Distribution list HERE. 

  • How can I stay up to date on the impact of the Community Action Funds?

    You can receive current information on the impact of your support by visiting the Community Action Fund webpages to read stories about how the CAFs have had an impact over the past year. 

    Every year, donors to the CAFs receive an impact report that will also be available on our Community Action Fund webpage. 

  • Can my organization apply for funding?

    Community Action Funds allocate funding to key areas of community wellbeing. Funding is allocated based on current needs within the community. During the Community Grants Program cycle (approximately January to May), funds will be allocated to eligible organizations through that program. 

    Community Action Funds were designed to support the community in areas of greatest need. If you are a funder or large-scale organization with a primary fundraising purpose, please note that other organizations without strong fundraising capacity or financial stability may be given priority consideration. We encourage you to contact us if you have questions about your eligibility for future funding opportunities. 

  • Will I be able to attend events held by the Victoria Foundation, to learn more about philanthropy and meet other donors who share my interests?

    Absolutely. Every year the Foundation hosts multiple “Meet the Community” sessions based on shared interest areas. Our Gadsden Initiative could also be a great opportunity to meet other donors who share your philanthropic interests and passions. Gadsden core sessions involve mingling, entertainment, and connecting with the community to learn more about what opportunities are available. 

  • Where can I get more information?

    For all other questions and inquiries, please email or call 250-381-5532.

You are welcome to speak with our team at any time to learn more about our Community Action Funds and how you can make an impact.

Email Us 250-381-5532