Residents of Greater Victoria have always shared a strong sense of community. One where we work together and support each other as we create a vibrant, caring community for all.

And whether serving on the frontlines of this pandemic, or providing other vital services and programs that contribute to the well-being of our community, our local charities need our help now more than ever.

Give today and support relief and recovery efforts through our Community Action Funds.

Building Community Action Together

Community Action Funds allow you to give confidently to COVID relief and recovery efforts within the cause areas that matter to you.

Whether your passion is to support the arts, health related programs, the environment, social justice or one of the many other cause areas impacted by the pandemic, when you make a gift to a Community Action Fund, you can have confidence that your gift will be put to the highest and best use.

In today’s climate, the greatest needs for civil society organizations are general operating dollars. Your gift to a Community Action Fund will be distributed through Victoria Foundation’s trusted COVID response granting program – the Community Recovery Program. Find a full list of projects funded through the Community Recovery Program in 2021 here.

There are two ways your contribution can support the Community Action Funds:

  1. Give to the broader Vibrant and Caring Community Fund allowing the Foundation to respond to critical needs as they arise.
  2. Concentrate your gift on one or more of the specific cause areas. Each Community Action Fund offers you the opportunity to focus your philanthropy on one of the complex issues faced by our community.

Click on each of the ten icons below to learn more about these funds, or click here to donate now.

One Year Later

Unraveling: Nonprofits, COVID-19 and the Fabric of BC Communities

One year later, the charitable sector continues to reel from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected many of the vital services and programs we rely on every day. The recent report “Unraveling: Nonprofits, COVID-19 and the Fabric of BC Communities” paints a picture of how many charitable organizations have managed to pivot services and keep their doors open, but also points to alarming warning signs in the days ahead.

Another important takeaway from the report is the importance and urgency for Trust-Based Philanthropy. Trust-Based Philanthropy is a granting model used by Victoria Foundation to provide organizations with core and discretionary funding so they can build a strong foundation from which to sustain, pivot, innovate, adapt, and start-up their work.

At this critical time, when charities across BC are digging deep and maximizing their capacity to be resilient – trusting that they know what they need and helping them access undesignated funding to do it is one of the best ways we can work together to strengthen their important work.

Our Community Action Funds

Racial Equity and Reconciliation Fund

How Your Gift Has Impact

Your gift to a Community Action Fund will be distributed through Victoria Foundation’s trusted COVID response granting program; the Community Recovery Program.

The Community Recovery Program supports federally registered charities and qualified donees in the Capital Regional District with flexible, general operating funds in response to the social and economic impacts of the pandemic.

The program relies on Victoria Foundation’s long-standing and reputable process that consults with and gathers input from leading sector experts and a voluntary advisory committee comprised of Victoria Foundation Board members and other community leaders.

Learn more about the Community Recovery Program and find a full list of 2021 distributions here.

Benefits of Giving to Community Action Funds

  • Together We Can Do More: Your gift is combined with donations from other individuals, families and organizations, having maximum impact within a shared area of interest.
  • Learn How To Have The Most Impact: Learn more about trends, issues and opportunities affecting your preferred areas of interest by visiting
    the Community Action Fund website or attending one of our upcoming seminars.
  • You Can Give With Confidence: Rely on our in-depth community knowledge and partnerships within the community to ensure your gift will be put towards the highest and best use.
  • Have The Impact You Want: Choose the cause areas most important to you.

Ways to Give

  • Cheque

    Send cheques to the Victoria Foundation at #200 – 703 Broughton Street, Victoria, BC, V8W 1E2made out to the Victoria Foundation. Note the name of the Community Action Fund in the memo line or in a cover letter. If you prefer to receive your tax receipt by PDF, please include an email address with your donation. 

  • Credit Card

    Use the online form below or call the Victoria Foundation at 250.381.5532 to make your credit card donation to one of the Community Action Funds.  

  • Online Express

    Online Express is the platform that can be used to make donations to the Community Action Funds using your credit card. Using the form below, select your chosen fund from the drop down menu and complete the online giving form. This will allow you to receive a tax receipt instantly.

  • PayPal or Recurring Gifts

    To setup a recurring gift, or make a donation from your bank account, please use our CanadaHelps account to make your donation. Be sure to select your chosen Community Action Fund from the drop down menu below.

  • Publicly Listed Securities

    When publicly listed securities are donated to the Victoria Foundation, the tax on the capital gain is eliminated. To take advantage of the tax savings benefit, the donor must transfer the securities “as is” – either through an electronic transfer from the donor’s brokerage account to the foundation’s brokerage account, or in the form of a share certificate in the donor’s name delivered to the foundation. 

    We will work with you and your advisors to ensure the transfer is smooth and your donation receipt is delivered to you. Simply complete the step-by-step instructions on our Donation Form for Gifts of Securities and send a copy to your broker and to the Victoria Foundation. We will look after the rest. 

    You will receive a donation receipt for the fair market value of the securities based on the closing price on the date the securities are received into the foundation’s account. 

  • Victoria Foundation Fund Holders

    If you would like to donate to the CRP, we invite you to give to your preferred Community Action Fund using the available to grant balance in your fund, you can do this in one of two ways:  

    Donor Central: Logon to DonorCentral. Scroll to the bottom of your homepage to the ‘Grant Opportunities’ section. Simply click on the name of your chosen Community Actin Fund box and grant as usual. 

    Email: Send an email listing your requested grant amount, fund name, and purpose (name of the Community Action Fund) to

Be sure to select your chosen Community Action Fund from the drop down menu below.


  • How will my donation be used?

    Donations to the Community Action Funds are distributed to programs, projects, organizations and initiatives in the areas of greatest need on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Currently, grants will be distributed through Victoria Foundation’s trusted COVID response granting initiative, the Community Recovery Programwith an emphasis on recovery and resilience funding for local charities as we move through the next phases of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

  • How are distributions made through the Community Action Funds?

    Donors can have confidence their gift is being put to the highest and best use. Through a volunteer community advisory committee, the Foundation we will work closely with local charities to understand their current needs and use the community’s experience and leadership to fund opportunities that help to drive our civil society forward. Grants will be distributed to programs, projects and initiatives in the areas of greatest need on an ongoing basis throughout the year.  

  • Can I support a specific charity through my gift to a Community Action Fund?

    No. Gifts to the Community Action Funds will support the areas of greatest need within one of the specific nine (9) cause areas. Donors are not able to specify a charity within that cause. If a donor wishes to support a specific charity our donor services staff will be happy to assist with those grant recommendations. Contact donor services at 250.381.5532 or 

  • Will I get a tax receipt for my donation?

    Yes. All donations will be tax receipted by the Victoria Foundation.  

  • Will the Victoria Foundation be charging any fees?

    We do not currently charge any fees on the Community Action Funds. However, to ensure we can continue to provide this vital support, the Foundation will be assessing a fee in the future against each Fund as a whole. Donors will receive the full value of their gift on their tax receipt. 


  • Which organizations have received funding from the Community Action Funds?

    Visit each of the Community Action Fund impact area webpages for the most recent updates on programs, projects, organizations and initiatives that have received funding. You can also visit our 2021 Distributions Page to see examples of projects funded last year.

    You can also visit our Stories From the Front-Lines page to hear directly from the organizations that received funding.

  • How can I stay up to date on the impact of the Community Action Funds?

    You can receive current information on the impact of your support by visiting the Community Action Fund webpagesOn these pages, you can also find interesting articles and impact stories. 

  • Can my organization apply for funding?

    Community Action Funds allocate funding to key areas of community wellbeing. Funding is allocated on a rolling basis and in connection to current granting initiatives of Victoria Foundation. Currently, funds will be allocated to eligible organizations through the Community Recovery Program.   Check here for more information on eligibility.   

    Community Action Funds have been designed to support community in the areas of greatest need. If you are a funder or large-scale organization with a primary fundraising purpose, please note that other organizations without strong fundraising capacity or financial stability may be given priority consideration. We encourage you to reach out to our team at if you have questions about your eligibility for future funding opportunities.  

  • Where can I get more information?

    You can find a list of media stories and other information on the Community Action Funds on our What’s New page. For all other questions and inquiries, please email or call 250-381-5532. 


Learn more about our Community Action Funds