Providing more than a million dollars a month to support hundreds of organizations each year.

The Victoria Foundation has a long and valued history of strengthening community wellbeing by investing in people, opportunities and solutions. Building on our connections and knowledge of the non-profit sector, we provide insightful, effective grants to increase the vitality of our communities.

In 2023, the Victoria Foundation granted over $27 million to 1887 organizations, bringing our total awarded to over $340 million since the Foundation was established in 1936.

The non-profit sector has seen an unprecedented increase in demand for services while balancing rising costs and staff shortages.

The sector is critical to our vibrant community, and as a broad-based funder, we engage in strategic partnerships and research collaborations to understand the opportunities and needs of the sector. The results of these partnerships, along with information gathered through Victoria’s Vital Signs, in turn inform our granting processes.


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