Providing more than a million dollars a month to support hundreds of organizations each year.

The Victoria Foundation has a long and valued history of strengthening community wellbeing by investing in people, opportunities and solutions. Building on our connections and knowledge of the non-profit sector, we provide insightful, effective grants to increase the vitality of our communities.

In 2020, the Victoria Foundation granted over $25 million to 584 organizations, bringing our total awarded to over $269 million since the Foundation was established in 1936.

Our 4 Granting Areas

Donor Advised Grants

Most of our grants follow recommendations from fund holders to support registered charities that they care about.

Community Recovery Program Grants

Our Community Recovery Program provides grants to eligible organizations that apply.

Neighbourhood Small Grants

Our Neighbourhood Small Grants provide up to $500 for residents to develop projects in their neighbourhood.

Provincial Grants

Some grants are made to qualified organizations and individuals from provincial scholarship funds, adoption and permanency funds, or grants addressing Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

Victoria Foundation grants are made across five fields of interest:

Arts, Culture & Heritage Community Services Education Environment Health & Recreation

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