Community Recovery Program Distributes Over $2.3 Million to Local Organizations Impacted by COVID-19

A distribution of over $2.3 million from the Victoria Foundation’s Community Recovery Program will help 126 organizations on Southern Vancouver Island weather the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The funds are providing federally-registered charities and qualified donees in the capital region with flexible, general operating funds assisting them in continuing to offer services and helping provide financial security now and moving forward. These funds will in turn allow these organizations to support vulnerable communities affected by the pandemic and strengthen the charitable sector more generally.

Of the total $2,389,996 being granted to 126 organizations for 128 projects, just over $750,000 has come from direct donations made either to the Community Action Funds or from Donor Advised Funds.The Community Action Funds, launched in September 2020, give the opportunity to donate directly to issue areas in our community, including pandemic recovery through the continuation of the Rapid Relief Fund.

Moving forward, the Victoria Foundation will continue to evaluate funding opportunities based on need in the community as the pandemic evolves. To help in these efforts, donations can be made to the Community Action Funds.

View the full grant distribution list here.

Read the full press release here.