Wellbeing Survey prize winners

At the beginning of May, more than 18,000 randomly selected residents were invited to take part in an anonymous Community Wellbeing Survey. We are grateful to each of the 2,239 people who completed the survey which is intended to measure the quality of life of residents, taking into account a full range of social, environmental and economic and health considerations affecting citizens.

As promised, participants were randomly selected to receive the following prizes: Rachelle Campbell won a $100 gift certificate for Pescatores Seafood & Grill/TheOyster/10 Acres Bistro + Bar, and Anne Ellemo won a $100 gift certificate to Romeo’s Place.

Researchers with the Canadian Index of Wellbeing at the University of Waterloo have collected and will analyze all of the responses. Results will help the CRD to improve services and the Victoria Foundation to better direct funding to worthy charities. Our funding wouldn’t have the same impact in our community without your time and input. Look for survey results to be presented in the next edition of Victoria’s Vital Signs® in October.