Vital Victoria Podcast – Episode #17 – Belonging & Engagement

Many of us consider Victoria to be a warm, welcoming community where everyone can feel like they belong. And for many, this is likely true. But if you maybe have come here from a different country, or speak a different language, have a disability, or simply look different from most people here, how welcoming do you think you would find our community? What challenges would you face? Where would you find the sense of community we all seek?

To find out, a new episode of Vital Victoria digs into the Belonging & Engagement issue area from Victoria’s Vital Signs with a studio interview with Ruth Mojeed, founder of The Inclusion Project, a network of organizations, communities and institutions engaged in furthering equity, diversity and inclusion in our region. We also pay a visit to Power to Be, a local charity empowering people living with barriers or disabilities to explore their limitless abilities through inclusive adventures rooted in nature.

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