Vital Victoria Podcast – Episode #15 – Housing

Every year the Victoria Foundation asks residents to rate how Greater Victoria is faring in a number of key issue areas for the Vital Signs report. And each year, one issue is consistently given the lowest rating of them all: housing. Whether it’s the rising cost of home ownership, the lack of rental housing available or the seemingly never-ending problem of homelessness, housing is something on most people’s minds in our region.

To find out just how deep the problems go and what’s being done to address them, the Vital Victoria podcast sits down with View Royal Mayor David Screech to discuss a recent affordable housing proposal that has council and the community talking. Also, field reporter Kyle Wells pays a visit to a group who have found their own small way to help the housing hardships of our region and are lobbying local governments to help them in their cause. We’re talking tiny homes with the Tiny House Advocates of Vancouver Island.

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