Victorians invited to help celebrate with paint

There are two monumental anniversaries coming up for both the Victoria Foundation and Canada, and it’s time to celebrate!

To mark both Canada’s 150th birthday and the 80th anniversary of the Victoria Foundation, we’ve teamed up with Canada 150 Mosaic to create a large mural mosaic representing the spirit of Victoria and the people who live here.

And we need your help!

Over the course of two days (August 12-13, 2016), hundreds of Victorians will converge under a marquee tent in the Greater Victoria Public Library Central Branch courtyard to clutch paintbrushes and capture what they feel represents the best of the Capital Region. When the final paint has dried, there will be over 600 finished tiles, which will then be assembled together to form the final mosaic mural.

The finished mural will depict three Coast Salish-stylized orcas, designed by Victoria-based Kwagiulth artist, and Victoria Foundation board member, Carey Newman along with artists from the Canada 150 Mosaic team.

Canada 150 Mosaic is a bold undertaking of internationally recognized artist Lewis Lavoie and his Mural Mosaic team. Over a two-year span, they’re setting out to create murals involving all provinces and territories, incorporating over 80,000 paintings.

Since May 2015, towns, cities and villages across Canada have been creating individual murals depicting their community through the eyes and creative spirit of the individuals that live there. Each mural incorporates a train car, which, in spirit, will join the other murals to form a gigantic trans-continental train. If connected, the mural would be over 365 meters long (4 football fields).

This example of a Canada 150 Mosaic mural, from Oakville, Ontario, gives an idea of what a finished product can look like:

The Victoria mural, featuring all participants’ hand-painted tiles, will be displayed in a public space for all to see in the years to come, a great symbol of our community spirit and creativity.

If you would like to take part in this fun and creative event, and want to reserve your 45-minute painting session, please contact Jayna Brulotte at the Victoria Foundation at or 250-381-5532. Walk-ins may also be accepted based on availability.

And stay tuned for information on the upcoming Victoria Foundation Day, on Saturday, September 17, which will see free admission to many of your favourite activities in the Capital Region in celebration of our 80th anniversary.