The Victoria Truth Centre

Guided by the teachings of its founder, Rev. Emma Smiley, the Victoria Truth Centre believes and practices in ‘Living Life Lovingly’ and that a positive attitude can change your world.

We established a hosted organization fund with the Victoria Foundation to support the charitable purposes and carry out the mission of the Victoria Truth Centre. Namely, support for young people and families in need, providing healthy lifestyle support such as food, healthy living and shelter.

We believe that building self-esteem, inspiring productive lifestyles and helping others to contribute to their community helps others to be the best person they can be. Does that mean you need to be perfect? No, but maybe there is something you want to change. Are you happy with who you are? Is there something you have always wanted to accomplish, but were too afraid to try? Maybe you want to learn to paint, to do some volunteer work, or improve your health.

At the Victoria Truth Centre, we encourage everyone to be the best person they can be. We want to support everyone in their goals, we believe in you!

IF you can DREAM it, you can DO IT! You might be 15 or 85, but if there is something you want to accomplish, you can do it. Maybe you don’t believe that is possible anymore. Positive thinking is knowing that your thoughts can change your world.

For young children, we try to encourage basic values and qualities that we think everyone strives for to be a good friend and citizen. We have taught empathy, patience, co-operation, love, sharing and gratitude for years (even before the Virtues Project). Our simple lessons, using everyday experiences or examples are very much the same.

During the past years, we have tried to support as many small local organizations, especially food banks and community kitchens. We have tried to be positive during these difficult covid times by focusing on the positive aspects. We have all discovered that staying at home can be a time to finish projects, discover new talents, work on gardens, and appreciate walks in nature. We are very grateful for the times we have been able to gather in person and have been respectful of health regulations when doing so.  We are looking forward to being able to have fun events again soon – potluck dinners, music events, and workshops.

We welcome everyone to join us at 2815 Cedar Hill Road, near Hillside Ave – we are a friendly, uplifting, positive thinking group of people. Please check out our Facebook Page – Victoria Truth Centre. We welcome you to join us for a few of our upcoming events featuring guest soloists and music provided by Joan Songhurst and Elaine Paterson. We would love to meet you at the Victoria Truth Centre.

We are truly grateful to the Victoria Foundation for supporting such an incredible number of non-profit organizations in Victoria. And we are fortunate to be in a position to help others in our community.