The Good Planet Company Gives Green

(Good Planet Staff: Ian Cromack, Danielle Harrasymow, Andrea Sobie, Alain St.Onge, Christie Eng)

We all know that taking care of the environment is the right thing to do. We think about it, we talk about it and now we can actually do something about it.

This week, the Good Planet Company is doing just that. On Wednesday, April 20th, just in time for Earth Day, Good Planet Company became the newest Victoria-based business member of a very inspiring organization called 1% For The Planet (1%).

Founded in 2002, 1% promotes giving from the business community to environmental organizations that are working toward preservation and restoration of our natural environment. Corporate membership with 1% means that a company pledges to donate 1% of gross annual sales to nonprofit organizations with a focus on environmental causes and a successful track record. Over 1,500 businesses worldwide have become members of 1% over the past 9 years, forming a veritable coalition of companies rooted in the fertile common grounds of financial commitment to creating a healthy planet.

“We believe that people want to know that their purchases are making a difference, however small. We care about our community and the environment and we know our customers do as well,” says Ian Cromack, Good Planet Company Co-founder. “It’s a win-win all around. We help our community by donating this 1%, our customers help the environment by voting with their wallets, and environmental organizations receive much needed support.”

The Victoria Foundation is thrilled with the Good Planet Company’s decision. “The Good Planet has been a leader in ethical and sustainable business in our community for years,” say Sandra Richardson, Victoria Foundation CEO. “By joining forces with 1% they are demonstrating their commitment to environmental philanthropy and will be making a difference for years to come.”