What is Random Acts of Kindness Day?

Random Acts of Kindness Day (RAK Day) was established in New Zealand in 2004. The day encourages community members to do something nice for someone and ask for nothing in return, except that they “pay it forward” with an act of kindness. The act doesn’t have to be big or expensive, it should spread kindness in your community.


The Victoria Foundation has been celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day and encouraging local businesses and non-profits to take part since 2015. We joined this celebration in collaboration with the Kitchener Waterloo Foundation with the intention of helping the movement grow in our community. While there is already a lot of kindness in our region, our hope is to show what kindness can do for our community and that small acts can make a difference. Check out Sandra Richardson’s Victoria Foundation CEO’s monthly column exploring the meaning behind this special day. For 2024, we celebrated a whole week of Random Acts of Kindness from February 12-17.

Special thank you to our partner, Black Press Media, our annual colouring contest co-host.


2024 Black Press Media Colouring Contest

In celebration of RAK Week, from February 12-17, 2024, we hosted our annual colouring contest in collaboration with Black Press Media. This year, we invited kids aged 12 and under to colour this image and submit it for a chance to win one of six $50 local gift cards and a $100 donation made in their name to the registered charity of their choice. The winners were chosen at random and announced on Friday, February 16. We encouraged participants to leave a message of kindness on their entry, as all entries were delivered to residents of local care homes.

The contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered.

Here are the winners of the colouring contest, and the charities they’ve selected to donate to. Congratulations, and we hope you share your kindness all year long!

  • Marc, age 5, Raincoast Conservation Foundation
  • Cassidy, age 8, Wild ARC BCSPCA
  • Hannah, age 9, BC SPCA and BC Cancer Society
  • Joshua, age 9, Victoria Humane Society
  • April, age 5, Raincoast Dog Rescue Society
  • Althea, age 8, Salvation Army

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

Now more than ever, we need a little kindness in our lives. And there are many ways you can share kindness in the world. But if you need some inspiration, check out our RAK Week ideas below or download posters for adults  and kids. You can also follow us on social media or download our RAK Week package for kindness inspiration during the month of February.

For those who receive kindness, please share your photos and messages on social media, tagging the Victoria Foundation and using #RAKweekYYJ.

  • Ideas for Kids
    1. Take part in our colouring contest!
    2. Help with chores around the house.
    3. Return someone’s cart at the grocery store.
    4. Leave a kind letter in a library book.
    5. Help build a bird feeder.
    6. Leave happy notes around town.
    7. Call your grandparents to catch up.
    8. Pick up litter (wear gloves).
    9. Send a postcard to a friend.
    10. Hold the door for your classmates at lunch or recess.
    11. Compliment a friend.
    12. Help a classmate with their homework.
    13. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.
    14. Plant flowers for pollinators.
    15. Set the table for dinner.
    16. Lend a toy or game to a friend.
    17. Write kind chalk messages on the sidewalk.
    18. Draw a picture for a friend or loved one.
    19. Befriend the new kid in school.
    20. Donate clothes and toys you’ve outgrown.
  • Ideas for Adults
    1. Hold the door open for someone.
    2. Raise or donate money to a local charity.
    3. Phone a friend or relative you haven’t talked to in a while.
    4. Leave a 5-star review for your favourite local business.
    5. Buy coffee for the person in line behind you.
    6. Let your staff leave work early.
    7. Make a donation in someone’s name.
    8. Volunteer your time and skills.
    9. Donate to your local food bank.
    10. Send flowers to someone.
    11. Do a household chore that is normally someone else’s job.
    12. Cook your family’s favourite dinner.
    13. Send a letter of thanks to someone who has made a difference in your life.
    14. Run an errand for someone.
    15. Donate blood.
    16. Bake cookies for your co-workers.
    17. Donate books to a little library.
    18. Pick up trash at the beach or at a park.
    19. Help carry groceries for someone.
    20. Thank your bus driver.

Check out our Instagram Reels below for RAK Week suggestions.

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