Rapid Relief Fund in the news

Since the launch of the Rapid Relief Fund on Saturday, March 21, more than $1.4 million dollars has been raised to support local charities working on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic. The call for donations continues, and the media has been helping to spread the message. Below are a number of stories we’ve seen about this incredible outpouring of support during these trying times.

Our biggest campaign yet: Help us raise $1 million in one week for those in need – Times Colonist, March 21

Donations to Rapid Relief Fund off to terrific start – Times Colonist, March 22

Rapid Relief Fund: Donations top $1M in day and a half – Times Colonist, March 22

Rapid Relief Fund surpasses $1M, aiming for $2M and looking for new charities – CHEK News, March 23

Comment: Small contributions can lead to great impact – Times Colonist, March 24

Dave Obee: Generosity pours in, we’re passing it on just as quickly – Times Colonist, March 24

Rapid Relief Fund disbursement for first $1 million – Times Colonist, March 24

Community steps up to provide rapid relief; where $1M in donations will go – Times Colonist, March 24

Rapid relief for Victoria’s most vulnerable residents – CFAX, March 24

Victoria Rapid Relief Fund donations continue to climb – Times Colonist, March 25

Dave Obee: We vow to keep going to help meet community’s needs – Times Colonist, March 25

Greater Victoria raises $1M in 36 hours for those in need – Victoria News, March 25

Comment: Continue the beat of hope, donate today – Times Colonist, March 25


Dave Obee: Governments are acting, but there’s still plenty of need – Times Colonist, March 26

Rapid Relief Fund: Why they donated – Times Colonist, March 28

Dave Obee: YES! Fund hits $2 million in less than a week – Times Colonist, March 28

Dave Obee: If you can afford it, please donate to the Rapid Relief Fund – Times Colonist, March 29

Rapid Relief Fund reaches $100,000 match; $2.6 million in total – Times Colonist, March 29

As effect of pandemic grows, so does community need: Salt Spring organization – Times Colonist, March 30

Community comes together to fund Rapid Relief – Black Press, March 30

Dave Obee: Donate and double your ability to help others – Times Colonist, March 31

27 ways for the financially fortunate to help out – The Globe and Mail, March 31

Mayor David Screech: Generosity of community is inspiring and urgently needed – Times Colonist, April 1

Dave Obee: The needy and the newly needy – Times Colonist, April 2

Dave Obee: A match made for our times – Times Colonist, April 3

Retired Vecima CEO donates $50,000 to Rapid Relief Fund on family’s behalf – Times Colonist, April 4

Monique Kieran: Virus casts a shadow of a new Great Depression – Times Colonist, April 5

Victoria Foundation’s Rapid Relief Fund helps local charities stay afloat amid pandemic – CHEK News, April 6

Dave Obee: Where the Rapid Relief Fund donations are going – Times Colonist, April 7