One World International Scholarship: Kayla Funk

A note we received from Kayla Funk, a second year Arts student at North Island College who got the Premier's One World Scholarship to study at the Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan in Mexico.

Dear the Irving K. Barber Scholarship Foundation

I can’t even begin to thank-you enough for what you have given me.  It goes far beyond money, you took stress off my shoulders and gave me the ability to experience more, more of what this incredible country had to offer, which I believe is such a vital part of a study abroad program.  I know I won’t be the first to say it but I really believe this experience has changed me, and therefore has changed my life ahead.  The degree I am pursuing will involve working among people of different cultures and languages and this experience has given me the patience to do this, as well as a true understanding and tolerance for cultural differences.  In the end we are all just people.

So thank-you again for your financial support, it was a true gift I was lucky enough to receive.

Kayla Funk
North Island College
Exchange – Merida, Yucatan