One World International Scholarship: Helen Jiang

Helen Jiang, one of our One World International Scholarship recipients, sent us this email to let us know about her studies abroad;

Please allow me to sincerely thank you the IK Society for the scholarship provided for my Bangladesh preceptorship. With your support and the excellent guidance form VCC faculty, after I immersed myself  into the host culture, the richness there allowed me to truly understand  social determinants of health, the impact of globalization and how the anonymous donors, the international volunteers and the local health care providers collaboratively  raised the bar of humanity to another level. Without this Bangladesh experience, my transition from a LPN to an RN would not have been this fulfilling.  As a co-learner, I have strengthened my skills in leadership, collaboration, empathy, role model and adult teaching. As a future nurse, I have perceived nursing and caring more deeply and learned how to apply caring into the practice in Bangladesh, in Canada and in my personal life. As a human being, I have relearned how to love and how to receive love. Your sharing  has role modeled for me how to appreciate what I have and how to share with the socioeconomically disadvantaged population. Your sharing has empowered and urged me to be part of humanity.