Help us Give the Capital Region its Annual Check-Up

It’s that time of year again Greater Victoria, time for your annual check-up, so open up and say ‘ahhh’!
Just as having your doctor take your pulse provides a window on your overall health, Victoria’s Vital Signs is an annual check-up undertaken by the Victoria Foundation since 2006 that measures the vitality of our region, identifies significant trends, and assigns grades to issue areas that are critical to quality of life in the Capital Region.
Part of this annual report card considers several different indicators or “measures” and provides residents with the opportunity to have a say by “grading” the region’s quality of life.
The goal is to assess how we are doing as a region — by highlighting the challenges as well as profiling what is good — and use this information to determine priorities on the road to bridging the gap between today and tomorrow, between good and great. As a community foundation we also know from experience that vital communities are ones that recognize and celebrate their strengths and assets and build on what works rather than only focusing on fixing what doesn’t.
And so it is that we would like to invite everyone who cares about this region to voice your opinion on 12 issue areas, such as housing, environmental sustainability and transportation.  Please invest just a small amount of time – about 20 minutes – to ensure your voice is heard.  The survey is open now through to late August 2012. 
As a thank you for voicing your opinion, you can enter a prize draw for gift certificates for popular restaurants in Victoria, as well as gift cards for Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre, Hemp & Co., London Chef, and Starbucks.
Please tell your friends, family and colleagues about the Vital Signs survey so we can hear from as many people as possible. Your opinion is vital!
Don’t forget to check out the results in the 2012 Vital Signs report, which will be published on October 2.