Having a Vital Conversation

In our communities, many are concerned we are becoming disconnected from each other, particularly as we age. 

On Wednesday, March 23, The Victoria Foundation, with co-hosts Eldercare Foundation and Island Health, and facilitator BC Healthy Communities, called on people of all ages to participate in a Vital Conversation about staying connected to our family, friends, neighbours and communities as we age. A wonderfully diverse group of people assembled at the Yakimovich Wellness Centre for Inclusion and Wellbeing as We Age: A Vital Conversation, to talk about the challenges of and potential solutions for staying connected and building age-friendly communities where everyone is included.

We heard so many valuable insights and exciting ideas over the course of the evening; thank you to everyone who participated! 

The Victoria Foundation CEO Sandra Richardson engaged in the Vital Conversation.

Participants broke into groups to share their ideas on staying connected to community as we age.

Lots of great ideas were captured on how to stay connected as we age, including joining a recreation centre, starting a block party, living in connective housing and even getting a dog!

CHEK News’ Vee Cooper interviewed participants for an upcoming Vital People segment.

Island Savings volunteers Tanner Holtman (back left), Bronwyn Dunbar, Travis Koivula and Kelly Sterk were a huge help at the event!