Guest Blog: The Kira Goodwin Legacy Fund

The KiraGoodFund is dedicated to an exceptional person who in life gave so much to society through her volunteerism, career, and kindness.

M. Kira Goodwin, affectionately referred to as Our Girl by all, was an exceptional person. She was taken from us prematurely at the age of 32, December 31, 2017 while enjoying one of her many passions, back-country skiing in the Kootenays with dear friends. She was unable to recover from an unpredictable avalanche accident. Kira was an organ donor and saved or improved the lives of seven other people.

Kira was a stellar nurse, highly respected and considered a mentor by her peers in NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care), Chemotherapy Clinic and OR Nursing. All who had the pleasure of knowing Kira said she ‘brightened every room she entered with her great big smile and laugh.’ And she loved to laugh.

Kira was also passionate about travel and all outdoor sports. She was a gifted athlete and excelled in every sport she enjoyed, including running (the Great Wall of China was her first marathon, followed by the Edmonton Marathon and Boston Marathon, Sydney, Australia Marathon, Banff to Jasper Relay, and others), skiing, boarding, hiking, mountain and rock climbing, scuba diving, kayaking, soccer, surfing, mountain biking, and more. She climbed Mt Kilimanjaro and was called dada nguvu, Swahili for ‘strong sister’, by the Tanzanian guide she befriended.

Kira made friends everywhere she travelled, immersing herself in the cultures and the landscapes of the 44 countries she visited. The development of the KIRAGOODFUND is a testament to the friendships/family she developed worldwide; for Kira did not just make friends, she made extended family. She also became a steward for the environment, leading by example in her respect and love of nature. Kira fit more into her short 32 years than most accomplish in a lifetime.

The KiraGoodFund is dedicated to an exceptional person who in life gave so much to society through her volunteerism, career, and kindness. The KiraGoodFund is intended to continue the good that Kira did in the world. It is divided into three streams:

  1. An annual Scholarship to a University of Victoria female leader with studies that support international relations and community development.
  2. An annual award to BC Search & Rescue, to honour the exceptional volunteer work they do in safety education and, when necessary, to assist those enjoying the great outdoors.
  3. A rotating annual award open to charitable organizations that reflect Kira’s life, values, and priorities, and the type of person she was. Examples: Early childhood development, engaging youth in sport and outdoor activities, stewardship of the environment, international relations, ‘Pay it Forward’ efforts, and excellence in health care.

We were all so very proud of Kira and privileged to have had her in our lives, and now we invite all who come to know who she was to support her, to continue the good she started in this world. The world is a better place because of Kira.

We have chosen the Victoria Foundation to manage the KiraGoodFund because of their excellent reputation in Philanthropic Services. They have proven us right.

Guest blog provided by Lori Goodwin, mother of Kira, and on behalf of Kira’s father and brother, Greg and Bryce Goodwin.

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