Green Office, Happy Environment

In our office we want to do things the green way.

That’s why we’re proud to have such a fantastic Environment Committee; it’s made up of staff members of the Victoria Foundation who are passionate about environmental sustainability. They meet monthly to discuss a range of environment-related ideas, concepts and goals.

A lot of the changes we’ve made over the past years make a huge impact to our overall footprint but were relatively easy to implement.

Go Green

We have weekly compost pickup by Pedal to Petal – an entirely bicycle-powered local company.  They take care of all of our compost and biodegradable waste.

Energy Star

We’ve also enlisted the help of City Green to educate and give us ideas about energy conservation – from simple things like turning off computers and monitors at night, to bigger items such as the recent purchase of an Energy Star printer.

Save the Trees

We use only 100% recycled FSC-approved printer paper, an entirely paperless payroll system and a shredding service that recycles our shredded waste.

For the Future

Our Environment Committee continues in their search for sustainable and eco-friendly office practices.  The committee is currently considering a number of initiatives to pursue in the near future:

A Green Purchasing Plan to ensure that office supplies purchased meet current environmental standards, such as FSC-accreditation or being 100% recycled.

Assessment of various carbon offset options, particularly in relation to air travel.

A Green Event Plan to ensure the environmental sustainability of events.  This will include local sustainable suggestions for the venue, food choices and communication methods.

– Obtaining green nonprofit certification for the Victoria Foundation.

Ongoing education of staff members.

Spreading the visibility of the Committee to other groups, including other tenants of the Yarrow building (the Foundation’s office building), Community Foundations and other organizations.

We’re always looking for new ideas and welcome your suggestions. Please leave a comment on our blog or contact our office.