Enhancing mental health through the great outdoors

Human Nature Counselling takes what Greater Victoria is known for, its picturesque outdoors, and provides individual and group nature-based therapy and programs for children, youth, adults and families.  

In episode 8 of the Vital Victoria podcast, co-founders of Human Nature Counselling David Segal and Katy Rose join host Lucky Budd to talk about how Human Nature Counselling started, working in partnership with the natural world, and how the connection to our “near-nature” can help many individuals’ mental health and well-being. 

Human Nature Counselling featured on the Vital Victoria podcast.

Vital Signs Issue Area

Good health and well-being ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all, at all ages. In the 2022 Vital Signs Report, survey participants gave ‘Health & Wellness’ a letter grade of ‘C+’. This issue is connected to Sustainable Development Goal 3 and 10: Good health and well-being and Reduced inequalities. 

Episode 8 Guests

David Segal – Executive Director, Human Nature Counselling: David Segal has been providing therapeutic nature-based counselling for children, youth, adults, couples, and families for over 15 years. He is deeply passionate about the natural world and how strengthening human-nature relationships can enrich our collective and individual well-being. He has spent the last decade learning from a vast array of teachers (including the non-human natural ones) the tools and skills for guiding people to truly know their own inherent wholeness and how to work with the struggles of their life in order to both harness and harvest the gifts and learning available.

Katy Rose – Clinical Director, Human Nature Counselling: For over 15 years Katy has been discovering the joys of experiential and nature-based approaches to working with children, youth and families for the promotion of healing and growth. Katy holds a deep trust in the healing power of connection with the non-human natural world, and believes that each individual is born with an innate drive and capacity towards wholeness and health. 

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