Creatures of Habitat

Creatures of Habitat is a series of environmental education events that Peninsula Streams Society delivers to three Saanich Peninsula middle schools (Royal Oak, North Saanich and Bayside) over three days in April.  We spend a full day with each of the schools, engaging the Gr. 6 students in a number of different activities.  The indoor component is composed of a theatre-based "Enviro-Jeopardy" game, speakers from the community and interactive displays.  The outdoor component is composed of hands-on restoration fieldwork, including invasive species removal, native tree planting, salmon fry releases and some garbage pick-up.  The students perform these restoration activities on their own school properties or at nearby parks.  This brings a relevancy to the restoration work that the students will be doing, as they will be helping to restore their own backyards and communities.

The previous year's events were great successes, with tremendous support from our volunteers.  We hope to make this program a mainstay in these schools, but can't do that without your help.

North Saanich Middle School students(left to right)Fiona Kelley, Kali McDougall and Quiana Foster sift through the sand to pick up garbage from Patricia Bay in Victoria, B.C. April 22, 2009. Photo Credit: Times Colonist

There are three "Creatures of Habitat" event days, for which we need volunteers:

  1. North Saanich Middle School on Tuesday April 19th (9-3:15pm)
  2. Royal Oak Middle School on Wednesday April 20th (8:45-3:15pm)
  3. Bayside Middle School on Thursday April 21st (8:15-2:40pm)

* Note:  if you can't be there the whole day, that is fine!  If you can only do a morning or afternoon shift, we can be flexible.

Volunteer Position Description:

We are looking for enthusiastic and responsible volunteers to work with and supervise youth.  No restoration experience necessary…we will teach you everything you need to know.  The outdoor activities will consist of supervising the Gr. 6 students doing invasive species removal (English Ivy, holly, laurel), garbage pick-up, and tree mulching. Volunteers will be responsible for supervising groups of 5 to 10 students.  Training will be provided at three onsite volunteer training sessions.

For more information, email or call Francesca at 250-363-6480

Creatures of Habitat

Francesca Loro is the Stewardship Cooridnator at Peninsula Streams Society. Please contact her for more information. You can also find Peninsula Streams Society on Facebook and Twitter.