Community Foundations of Canada’s National Talent Search

Share your love for community in Community Foundations of Canada's first ever national ad campaign

Canada's community foundations are producing their first national advertising campaign that will show Canadians how our communities connect people, families and cultures.

CFC talent search

Community Foundations of Canada has launched a national talent search to find people who care deeply about their community to star in a radio and TV campaign. Two winners will be chosen and flown to Toronto, where they will perform an anthem about community, poetry-slam style.

Talent Search details:

Community Foundations of Canada is looking for people to star in the television and radio campaign:

How to enter: Find the full contest details here. Download the anthem. Record your performance. Upload it to YouTube by responding to the CFC video.
Deadline: Friday, August 30, 2013
Criteria: Participants must be at least 18 years of age, not professional actors, and involved with their community or local community foundation.

Talent search winners will be flown to Toronto, with all accommodation and transport paid, where they will star in CFC’s first television and radio ads, which feature a powerful anthem about community. To audition or for talent search instructions, please visit the Community Foundations of Canada website.