A Long Road to a Better Life

A story from Pacifica Housing’s Streets 2 Homes Program

Pacifica House - A long road to a better lifeSteve had a long history of substance use and cyclical homelessness and over the years he had lost everything that was dear to him. When he connected with us a number of years ago through our Downtown Outreach Office he quickly built rapport with staff. With their assistance he was able to secure housing through Pacifica Housing’s Streets 2 Homes program.

Bit by bit, Steve’s life stabilized, his health improved, he was connected to the services he needed and he was doing well on his medication. Steve felt empowered to give back and help people that were facing similar challenges. He started volunteering with an organization in Victoria that he had received help from in the past. Often, he was so busy volunteering that it was difficult for his support worker to find a time to meet him. What a great problem to have!

Then, one day Steve was nowhere to be found. Later staff learned that he had been hospitalized after experiencing severe side affects to his medications.

However, this drastic set-back set the stage for positive life changes. Steve’s family from the Lower Mainland reached out to him during his hospitalization and he was able to rebuild broken relationships. After his rehabilitation he moved to be closer to them.

Supported by his family and organizations like Pacifica Housing, Steve secured a new home close to his son, and keeps volunteering his time. He is clean, stable and much happier than before. He frequently keeps in touch with staff at Pacifica Housing to let them know what is happening in his life.

Well done, Steve!

Never give up. You never know what life still has in store for you!

Pacifica Housing logoAbout the author: Nikola Mende joined Pacifica Housing in October 2013 as Manager of Fund Development. There she is responsible for supporting and nurturing a culture of philanthropy within the Community and Pacifica Housing by engaging donors, staff and the broader community in the vision and mission of the organization.

 “I have always wanted to do something meaningful in my career; to know that I am participating in something big that I’m proud to be a part of. I think I just found exactly that!” ~ Nikola Mende

Pacifica Housing believes in “housing first”: helping people find safe, secure and permanent housing, so that health, family and other personal matters can then be addressed. Pacifica Housing's vision is to build better lives through affordable homes and community connections.