2022 Edition of Pulse magazine and blog out NOW!


Pulse magazine is an annual publication highlighting how the Victoria Foundation and other organizations in our community are working to build on the findings in the annual Vital Signs report.

This year’s edition of Pulse magazine and blog shares:

  • how regional organizations are working together to make an impact in our community
  • inspiring accounts of how donors and the community have come together
  • information about the Foundation’s foray into impact investing

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Forward Together

The last few years have presented significant challenges, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and the ongoing struggle to overcome historical and systemic barriers to equity, diversity, and inclusion. Solutions to these problems will not come from one person, organization, or community. Instead, moving forward means acting together. That is the reason our theme for the 2022 edition of Pulse magazine and blog is Forward Together.


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The Victoria Foundation is pleased to introduce our new Pulse Blog, which works in tandem with Pulse Magazine to act as a “what’s next” to our annual Vital Signs report. Visit our blog for more impact stories in community.

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