13 endowment funds for Vancouver Island causes

Victoria, B.C., Aug. 7, 2012 – The Victoria Foundation today announced the creation of 13 endowment funds for Vancouver Island causes. The funds were created with $100,000 in matching funds from the foundation as part of its new Smart & Caring Community Fund announced July 19.




Each of the organizations is contributing a minimum of $7,500 toward their new endowment fund, which is being matched by $7,500 from the Smart & Caring Community Fund. The participating organizations are:

• 1UP Victoria Single Parent Resource Centre
• The Bateman Foundation
• Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Vancouver Island
• City of Victoria – Shape Your Future Victoria Legacy Fund
• Island Deaf and Hard of Hearing Society
• Learning Through Loss Society
• Maritime Museum of BC
• Metchosin Foundation
• Mount Douglas Secondary Alumni Association
• Pacific Peoples' Partnership
• Prostate Centre
• Saanich Legacy Foundation
• Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre

“We created the Smart & Caring Community Fund in response to a call last year from the Governor General of Canada, David Johnston,” said Sandra Richardson, CEO of the Victoria Foundation. “He asked the country’s community foundations to join him in bringing to life a vision for a smarter and more caring nation. This endowment initiative is one way of responding to his goals to expand the reach of community foundations and to help communities respond to their individual needs and opportunities.”

The opportunity to participate in the matching program was offered to registered charities that had previously contacted the Victoria Foundation to discuss setting up an endowment.

As part of its charitable activities, the Victoria Foundation manages 99 endowment funds for 74 registered charities, annually distributing earnings from these permanent funds to the organizations. The foundation accepts donations to the funds on behalf of the charities, thereby reducing their costs and administration time. Their funds also benefit from the diversification of being part of the foundation’s $180-million in assets under management.

Gifts to any of the endowment funds managed by the Victoria Foundation can be made online through the foundation’s portal at CanadaHelps. They can also be made directly to the Victoria Foundation by credit card, cheque or publicly traded securities. Contact the foundation at 250- 381-5532 for more information on donation options.

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National Smart & Caring Initiative
Community foundations across Canada are answering a call to service from their patron, the Governor General of Canada, by establishing Smart & Caring Community Funds. The funds will support various initiatives according to the needs of each community.

Victoria Foundation
The Victoria Foundation manages funds gifted either in perpetuity or for specific purposes. The funds or the earnings from them are then distributed as grants for charitable or educational purposes. Established in 1936, the Victoria Foundation is Canada’s second oldest community foundation and the sixth largest of 183. To date it has invested more than $108 million in people, projects and non-profit organizations that strengthen communities in B.C. and across Canada.

Media information:
Sara Neely, Director of Philanthropic Services

1Up Victoria Single Parent Resource Centre Society
1Up Victoria Single Parent Resource Centre provides practical support, empowerment and hope to over 1,500 single-parent families in Greater Victoria. Services include free individual counseling, a broad range of personal growth and parenting education courses, a mentoring program and support groups. 1Up also offers resources to help low-income single parents stretch their budgets. Established as a charitable non-profit in 1978, it was the first centre of its kind in Canada.

Alice Ages, Board Chair
Home: 250-384-6602 Cell: 250-216-1860

Bateman Foundation
The Bateman Foundation is dedicated to education and public service based on the philosophies and legacy of renowned artist and naturalist Robert Bateman. The Foundation’s purpose is to support education programs to promote lifelong engagement with nature. Special emphasis is placed on programs for leaders and policy-makers, youth, families and First Nations. Robert Bateman has earned great respect and admiration around the world for his art, his philanthropy and his contributions to nature conservation.

Paul Gilbert, Executive Director
Office: 250-588-9981

Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Vancouver Island
The Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Vancouver Island provides experiential learning environments that inspire children and youth of diverse abilities to acquire and develop the critical cognitive, emotional and social skills needed to become resilient and contributing members of society.  Founded in 1972, Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Vancouver Island operates a range of licensed group child care programs, leadership and mentoring programs for youth and family resource services at 12 program locations in seven communities on Vancouver Island.  From its infant toddler program to the teen dragon boat team, Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Vancouver Island provides children, youth and families with a relationship for life.

Ian Kalina, Executive Director
Office: 250-754-3215 Cell:  250-713-4527

City of Victoria
From the provision of clean water, garbage collection, and emergency services to recreation classes, social planning and land-use development, high quality municipal services are the foundation for building a healthy, safe and sustainable community.  Serving BC’s Capital City of the last 150 years, the City of Victoria is evolving to find innovative ways of providing the highest level of service possible, while limiting the financial burden on the taxpayer. One financial innovation is the creation of the Shape Your Future Victoria Legacy program: a grant program designed to advance the creation of new and much needed infrastructure such as bike lanes, parks, and greenways.

Katie Josephson, Director of Corporate Communications
Office: 250-361-0210 Cell: 250-217-8343

Island Deaf and Hard of Hearing Centre (IDHHC)
Hearing loss is one of the most prevalent and fastest growing chronic conditions facing Canadians today, with an estimated 10% of the population dealing with some form of hearing loss. IDHHC provides individual and family counselling; life skills coaching; employment assistance programs; hearing loss resource support; individual advocacy; ASL interpreting and captioning services and a wide range of other supports for people dealing with hearing loss. IDHHC is the only specialized social service agency on Vancouver Island working with: Deaf individuals who use sign language; the late deafened who have lost their hearing late in life; individuals experiencing hearing loss; those considering or have received a cochlear implant; families with deaf or hard of hearing members; as well as hearing individuals and groups who require information or training.

Denise Robertson, Executive Director
Office: 250-592-8144

Learning Through Loss Society
Victoria-based Learning Through Loss (LTL) provides supportive programs and education to youth who are impacted by grief and loss. At LTL they understand that youth ages 10 – 18 grieve uniquely when experiencing loss at this stage in their life. Their facilitators provide a safe and inclusive environment for youth to process their grief and nurture healthy coping strategies. LTL has been active in the community for over 20 years providing support and information to thousands of youth. They are the only organization to bring these programs directly into schools. Youth are vulnerable and these programs empower them to better understand the grief and loss process and to heal through it.

Charlie Troger, Chair Board of Directors
Phone: 250-658-1284
Website Under Development

Maritime Museum of British Columbia
The public mission of the Maritime Museum of BC is to promote curiosity, research and lifelong learning among the visiting public, in particular, related to the understanding and appreciation of our nautical history.  The "Maritime" is trusted with the care of our nautical roots and the preservation of over 35,000 unique artifacts, 40,000 historical photographs, and an internationally recognized chart collection. 

Gaylia Lassner, Membership and Development Coordinator
Office: 250-385-4222 ext. 115

Metchosin Foundation
The Metchosin Foundation was established in 2008 to encourage and support the rural nature of Metchosin, to support and maintain a harmonious community, and to preserve and safeguard its unique ecosystems, flora and fauna, for the benefit of all Canadians. The Foundation has been well received by the residents, and conservation covenants on private land are either in place or making progress. The Foundation is promoting and sharing in several programs aimed at social benefits for youth and for the elderly.

Carol Carman, Board member
Office 250-474-1768 Cell: 250-896-5697

Mount Douglas Secondary Alumni Association
The Mount Douglas Secondary Alumni Association consists of former students and teachers of Mount Douglas Secondary School. Its goal is to reunite staff and students to become catalysts for building a dynamic Alumni network to enhance opportunities for Mount Doug students.  Following the success of the 80th anniversary celebrations in 2011, the Mount Douglas Secondary Alumni Association Fund will provide bursaries and scholarships for post-secondary education, as well as financial support for arts and sports programmes in the school.

Kevin Sing, President
Office: 250-477-7291

Pacific Peoples’ Partnership
Pacific Peoples’ Partnership was established in 1975 to create awareness amongst Canadians of development issues in the Pacific Islands that includes Vancouver Island and South Pacific Islands.  This organization develops input?and?response networks with the Pacific Islands, plus a membership and funding base. Two of the most important successes were the strategic manoeuvring it helped orchestrate in Canada leading to the abolishment of nuclear testing, and the campaign against sea?launched cruise missile testing in the South Pacific.  The Fund will be named in honour of the late Phil Esmonde who ably served as Executive Director from 1981 through 1989.

Office:  250-381-4131

The Prostate Centre
The Prostate Centre, incorporated in 2000, provides prostate related programs and services to men and their families who live on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.  The Prostate Centre's outreach services works in the community to raise awareness on ways to reduce the likelihood of getting prostate cancer.  Additional services offerings include hosting renowned medical experts who present findings on advances in prostate health research and care; confidential, unbiased treatment counseling; an extensive resource library; short-term psychological counseling; peer-led monthly support meetings; hospital visitations, and personalized follow-up support. The Prostate Centre also funds local medical research to advance treatment options for prostate cancer patients. The Prostate Centre provides services free of charge and requires no doctor’s referral.

Heather Gardiner, Interim Executive Director
Phone: 250-388-0214

Saanich Legacy Foundation
Saanich Legacy Foundation (SLF), founded in 1999, and led by a volunteer Board of Directors, recognizes the efforts of many grassroots groups and organizations that need financial assistance. The SLF supports community-based projects that continue to make Saanich a vibrant and caring community.  With donations from considerate and civic-minded citizens, the SLF is able to respond to the requests from these organizations, and help them achieve their goals, which in turn creates the strong, vibrant and caring community that Saanich is today.

Paul McKivett, President
paulmckivett@shaw.ca or slf@saanich.ca
Phone: 250-477-3806

Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre
The Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre is Sidney's aquarium of the Salish Sea. Teeming with local marine life and offering 'hands on/hands wet' learning opportunities, visitors are engaged in experiences that develop an appreciation for the Salish Sea. Each year over 7,000 students attend school programs. In partnership with the Victoria Foundation and local supporters, the Ocean Discovery Fund subsidizes programs and makes certain they are accessible to all students.

Angus Matthews, Executive Director
Office: 250-665-7511 Cell: 250-858-4427