Thanks to the generosity of donors, $3,132,457 from the Victoria Foundation’s Community Recovery Program will help 142 local organization move through this final phase of this pandemic and beyond.


The funds are providing federally-registered charities and qualified donees in the capital region with
flexible, general operating funds, assisting them in continuing to offer services and will help to provide
financial security now and into the future. These funds will allow these organizations to support
vulnerable communities affected by the pandemic and strengthen the charitable sector that is vital to
the health and well-being of our community.

Of the total amount being granted through the program, over $920,000 has come from direct donations
made either to the Community Action Funds or from Donor Advised Funds over the past few months. Our gratitude is beyond measure.

Your Gifts In Action

From the environment to mental health, homelessness, to racial equity and more, a wide range of organizations being supported by this funding are responding directly to needs in the community, often exacerbated by the ongoing impact of the pandemic.


  • Arts and Culture
    Legal Name Describe your funding request in one sentence Total Proposed Allocation
    Dance Victoria Dance Victoria requests support for organizational renewal in its 2021/22 “Building Back” season. $20,000
    Greater Victoria Danceworks Association To support general operating expenses.  $10,000
    Intrepid Theatre Funding will support residency programs providing IBPoC and queer artists, companies and community orgs with space to develop shows and eventually present public performances once it is safe.  $20,000
    Jewish Community Centre of Victoria Supporting the sustainability of the VIJFF/JCCV’s multicultural outreach program, which continues to uniquely curate, in COVID-safe formats, broadly-engaging  cinema and related community and cultural programming that leverages shared values and cross-cultural senses of belonging. $10,000
    Kaleidoscope Theatre for Young People Funding is requested to present a safe, accessible outdoor theatre experience for our community that celebrates diversity, promotes equality, and provides meaningful connection to support mental wellbeing.  $20,000
    Pacific Opera Victoria Funding to bring “Nature’s Voice” on the Government House grounds. $20,000
    Pandora Arts Collective Society Funding to offer programming every week that supports isolated and marginalized members of the mental health community $25,000
    Puente Theatre Funding to support the WorkPlay playwright residency program, which has expanded significantly during the Pandemic. $24,760
    Royal and Mcpherson Theatres Society Operational support to help the Royal and McPherson Theatres Society maintain capacity during this time of theatre closures, as we continue to provide important services to our local arts and entertainment community, and to ensure financial stability as we face accelerating costs and financial risks during the planning and preparation stages of re-opening the theatres in a post pandemic world. $30,000
    Saanich Peninsula Memorial Park Society Funding to purchase equipment to allow multiple stakeholders to stream their community programming by youth, Indigenous, and elderly groups.   $20,000
    Sing Your Joy! Funding to broaden access to choral singing for diverse youth.  $22,000
    Sooke Fine Arts Society Funding to help defray costs of technical adaptation of our show’s website to better display the works of main and youth art gallery artists. $6,000
    St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Funding to provide classical music students, unable to practice or perform during COVID-19, an opportunity to do so, in a venue in Downtown Victoria.   $15,080
    Story Theatre Funding to support a Youth Leadership program that disseminates power and centres youth voices $24,000
    The Bateman Foundation To help the Bateman Foundation deliver free art therapy programming to  youth, young adults and families impacted by mental health from the pandemic. $15,000
    The Belfry Theatre Society Supporting an Arts Leadership Training Program for local Indigenous Black and People of Colour (IBPoC) artists and arts administrators. $20,000
    The Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival Association Funding to support the delivery of the 2021 and 2022 Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival (GVPAF).  $15,000
    The Linden Singers of Victoria Society Supporting Linden Singers’ 2021-22 season, providing flexibility to adapt to Covid-19 restrictions as required. $5,000
    The Sooke Philharmonic Society Funding to help continue to provide quality orchestral and choral music experiences to the community. $5,000
    The Victoria Chamber Orchestra  Supporting VCO to stream concerts in 2021-22 & 2022-23 (even if live performances return).  $24,000
    The Victoria Choral Society Victoria Choral Society will self-produce a concert in April 2022 at UVic’s Farquhar Auditorium, featuring the ever-popular Mozart’s Requiem.  $8,000
    Theatre SKAM Funding to support for operations and activities of the 2021-22 season. $30,000
    Victoria Conservatory of Music Funding will support the Early Childhood Music Education Outreach program that provides access to music education free of charge for young children (infants to five years old) and their parents through childcare centres and preschools that serve marginalized communities. $16,000
    Victoria Film Festival The VFF is looking for funding to help continue providing unique and diverse arts and cultural experiences to the local Victoria Community by upgrading its website and support services so that it can successfully adapting its programming. $20,000
    Victoria Guitar Society To acquire digital knowledge and tools to maintain our local music community as engaged and resilient despite ongoing social restrictions. $6,000
  • Education and Learning
    Legal Name Describe your funding request in one sentence Total Proposed Allocation
    Camosun College Foundation Funding will be used to provide one-on-one mentorship and support to high school students who are part of the SIP program.  $15,000
    Friends of the DAO Continuing and expanding the online school and community programmes to foster inclusive and equitable education that reaches disadvantaged local students, families, and remote schools; enhancing innovation by students meeting Canadian technology innovators; and building student connections to nature by observing the sky and empowering them to reduce light pollution that harms animals and ecosystems. $25,000
    Leadership Victoria Society Funding for general operating expenses.  $20,000
    Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific and United World Colleges (Canada) Inc. – College Du Pacifique Lester B. Pearson Et Colleges Du Monde Uni (Canada) Inc. Funding to launch a new Climate Action Leadership Diploma in partnership with local universities, which will put an emphasis on solutions-focused, place-based, experiential education tailored to serve students who are passionate about addressing the climate crisis, and will be designed to showcase diverse opportunities for impact, from entrepreneurship and innovation to policy-making, science and advocacy. $30,000
    Maritime Museum of BC To support museum programming in the 2021-2022 fiscal year. $10,000
    Phoenix Human Services Association Funding to allow the Youth Employment Program to continue to provide essential youth services to marginalized youth experiencing a variety of barriers in our community.  $25,000
    Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea Funding to support its shift from “surviving to thriving”; the project will have broad impacts across the organization with transformative capacity-building pieces, vital facility and equipment upgrades and exhibit enhancements culturally important to our community. $17,500
    Sierra Club BC Funding for the ongoing delivery of K-8 environmental education programs in the Capital Regional District (which provide COVID-safe outdoor learning opportunities for students and support for teachers seeking to integrate this type of learning into their teaching practice), as well as the development of a climate action pilot project for high school learners. $20,000
    The Starfish Canada Funding to support connecting youth in Victoria to create plans and garner support for a new timber playground. $14,465
    Victoria Literacy Connection Support for programs and operations. $20,000
    Volunteer Victoria Volunteer Victoria will create a series of tip sheets and services for volunteers and volunteer led organizations to help rebuild and strengthen volunteer programs post COVID. $21,095
    WITS Funding to install strategy, supports, and systems to build organizational capacity for diversified financial sustainability. $20,000
  • Environment and Sustainability
    Legal Name Describe your funding request in one sentence Total Proposed Allocation
    Galiano Conservancy Association Funding to cover staff and general operating expenses of our environmental education and sustainable food systems programs to help these projects recover from the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and build the resiliency needed to weather similar-scale challenges in the future. $25,000
    Green Teams of Canada The Greater Victoria Green Team (GVGT) will provide hands-on, outdoor environmental activities as well as new interactive virtual education opportunities for diverse community members that build community, social connection and belonging to place.  $28,000
    Habitat Acquisition Trust Funding will enable HAT to optimize transitions of key staff and help re-align programming with staff capacity to support sustainability of staff well-being, leading to better staff retention and better organizational effectiveness.  $19,146
    LifeCycles Project Society Funding will support the staff position to coordinate the Fruit Tree Project and volunteers $28,900
    Mayne Island Conservancy Supporting operational expenses of the 2021 Community Stewardship Program, which has seen a steep increase in participation corresponding with increased development pressure on Mayne Island due to COVID motivated migration into small communities. $14,000
    Peninsula Streams Society Funding to support core operations, which in turn supports our Greater Victoria habitat stewardship and restoration projects and environmental education programming. $15,000
    Raincoast Conservation Foundation Funding to support an adaptation of environmental education program that would engage local Indigenous and underserved youth with an experiential, eco-cultural program that connects them to nature, provides cultural re-discovery, and promotes mental health and well-being.  $7,500
    Rocky Point Bird Observatory Funding to support volunteers and staff in monitoring of birds migrating through the most southerly point of Vancouver Island in order to gather data which is used to monitor bird population trends, investigate declines and recommend actions to protect the health of ecosystems on which we all depend. $26,002
    Salt Spring Institute for Sustainability Education and Action Supporting the core efforts of Transition Salt Spring as they lead local projects to implement the Salt Spring Island Climate Action Plan. $22,000
  • Food Security
    Legal Name Describe your funding request in one sentence Total Proposed Allocation
    Backpack Buddies Funding for staffing costs for 2 part-time staff members who coordinate the Backpack Buddies weekend meal program in Victoria so that they can increase our capacity to address food insecurity and help more of the most vulnerable children in the Capital Regional District.  $20,000
    *Lifecycles Project General operating funds to bolster the Capital Region Food Share Network Society’s efforts to bring the CRD closer to becoming a food secure region. $70,200
    Living Edge Funding will support a weekly free community food market in seven neighbourhoods of Victoria. $20,000
    Oaklands Community Association Supporting staffing costs at Oaklands Community Association. $21,505
    The Galiano Club Funding general operational expenses.  $26,150
    The Mustard Seed Street Church Funding will support operations of our Food Security Programming, primarily in the form of salary support for staff, including our Food Security Manager, Logistics Coordinator, and Shipping/Receiving Team Lead $20,000
    *Victoria Community Food Hub Funding will enable capacity building for Collective Impact by the Good Food Network to promote healthy, just and sustainable food systems in the Capital Region $65,000
    Victoria Community Food Hub Society Funding will develop an appropriate and sustainable approach to supporting access by disadvantaged groups to fresh fruits and vegetables produced by local farmers through the South Island Farmhub and Farmbucks support program. $25,000
    Victoria Rainbow Kitchen Society Assisting essential food security programs, providing weekday meals, hampers and bulk donations to community partners. $30,000
  • Gender Equality
    Legal Name Describe your funding request in one sentence Total Proposed Allocation
    Island Sexual Health Society Supporting youth who are experincing increased barriers to sexual health due to COVID restrictions. $23,000
    Victoria Women’s Transition House Society Funding will provide direct, specialized front-line family law support, advocacy and education for survivors of domestic violence and abuse in the region of Greater Victoria, B.C. $30,000
    Wear 2 Start Society Funding to cover the wages of Wear2Start’s one paid staff person, a part-time Program Manager who is the backbone of our organization and proved her value within a year of being hired by setting us on track to double the number of clients served before COVID forced us to close. $20,000
  • Health and Wellness


    Legal Name Describe your funding request in one sentence Total Proposed Allocation
    1Up Victoria Single Parent Resource Centre Society Supporting single parent families with low in come or living in poverty with: 1-1 counselling, family counselling, educational courses and support groups.  $30,000
    Action Committee of People with Disabilities aka “Action Committee” and ACPD Improving organizational capacity to serve our members and community electronically by funding technical expertise, accessible software and equipment, training and website enhancements to improve independence and reduce social isolation of people with disabilities $29,610
    Alzheimer Society Of B.C. Supporting our pandemic-adapted dementia support programs and services, which provide Victoria-area residents affected by dementia and their caregivers (most of whom are seniors) with the information, knowledge and support they need to cope with the increased isolation and stress they have been experiencing since the start of the pandemic. $10,000
    AVI Health & Community Services Society The Positive Wellness Outreach Program will provide healthy nutritious food and support via outreach to people living with HIV and/or hepatitis C who are impacted by poverty in the Capital Region. $30,000
    BC Cancer Foundation Funding will be used to support new technology for advanced diagnostic of metastesized prostate Cancer that will extend life and comfort & in some cases, with curative outcomes that didn’t exist before. $10,000
    Broadmead Care Society Funding to support a full time Spiritual Care Coordinator in order to meet the critical demand for mental health and emotional support for isolated veterans, seniors and adults with disabilities. $30,000
    Burnside Gorge Community Association BGCA is seeking funding for Youth Self Sufficiency (YSS), an asset based program for youth, 17-19, who are in foster care, on Youth Agreements, or without supports as they transition into adulthood.  $20,000
    *Canadian Disability Foundation OneAbility Network, a project of the Canadian Disability Foundation (CDF), has identified that expanding and deepening their connections and strengthening capacity of smaller members are priorities that will serve to increase their reach and effectiveness: ensuring more people with disabilities have more opportunities to be active, more often. $45,000
    Citadel Therapy Canine Society Funding will support two service dog training files on the go within the Capital Region. $3,500
    Connections Place Supporting 2021 general operating costs of the Work-ordered Day program $20,000
    Easter Seals BC Yukon (ESBCY)  Funding will support summer programming for persons with diverse abilities/disabilities in the CRD – inclusive of four weeks of “City Adventure” day camps serving about 30 older youth (13-18) based in the City of Victoria, one “Family Camp” weekend serving about 30 families based in Shawnigan Lake, and three “One-Day Camps” serving about 30 youth (6-18) and adults (19-49) based in Shawnigan Lake.  $30,000
    Help Fill a Dream Funds will be used to ensure Help Fill A Dream’s Family Assistance Program can continue to support every eligible local child and youth with a life-threatening / critical condition by assisting with access to health care professionals and resources (such as equipment, medications, and travel outside their region) while allowing the family to focus on the child’s health, recovery, physical and mental well-being.  $10,000
    InspireHealth Society Funding to ensure InspireHealth can continue to provide supportive cancer care to patients living in the Capital Region with a primary focus on meeting the increased demand for mental health services and creating a virtual cancer community during this difficult time. $30,000
    *Island Community Mental Health Association This funding request is seeking support for the ongoing core priorities of the PSR Collaborative which include : 

    – Virtual and in-person social gathering place (SGP) pilots to reach those experiencing significant social isolation;

    – Mentorship and involvement of our Advisory Committee of People with Lived Experience who are critical source of first-hand knowledge, support and referral to PSR services and the SGP pilot; 

    – Development/expansion of peer support services 

    – Mental health and substance use system navigation and access improvements; 

    – Short- and long-term research, evaluation and collective impact.  

    Island Deaf and Hard of Hearing Centre Association Funding will support recovery expenses to rebuild Hearing Health Services 24,800
    Island Kids Cancer Association Funding will support salaries for Family Navigator and Program Creative Engagement Coordinator positions. $20,000
    Island Prostate Centre Island Prostate Centre will build capacity for the organization by hiring a .4 FTE Nurse Navigator that can help us expand a Vancouver Island supportive care program for prostate cancer patients and families in our community. $22,500
    James Bay New Horizons Society Funding an arts program for seniors, those of low income and people with disabilities with an emphasis on a component for trauma support $20,000
    KidSport Greater Victoria The pandemic of 2020 and 2021 has had a profound impact on the local sport organizations through which children and youth typically play; KidSport Greater Victoria is uniquely positioned to help those organizations weather the pandemic, to ensure kids have safe, quality and diverse local sport organizations to return to. $20,000
    Learning Through Loss To provide individual grief counselling to bereaved youth in the CRD $20,000
    Men’s Therapy Centre (MTC) Funding would provide masculine-identified survivors of trauma with access to trauma counselling when they have no other resources for mental health support.  $29,880
    Mental Health Recovery Partners Society – South Vancouver Island Funding peer support training using training materials, 1:1 peer support and Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAP).  $20,000
    Mount St. Mary Hospital Funding ceiling lifts to guarantee resident safety, comfort and dignity during transfers that also promotes staff health and well-being. $25,327
    Move Adapted Fitness and Rehabilitation Society Of B.C. To improve accessibility to, and diversify, its services, as well as adapt to the changing needs of its members during the current pandemic while upholding COVID-19 safety standards. $20,000
    NEED2 Suicide Prevention Education & Support Funding will support staff to supervise volunteers to host conversations online from home instead of from a centralized office, coupled with an increase in demand, has increased the need for staff to supervise and support these front-line workers. $30,000
    Oak Bay Volunteer Services Society To help ease costs related to providing direct services to seniors and individuals living with mental and/or physical health challenges so they continue to live independently in their homes and have a connection to the community. $25,000
    Pacific Animal Therapy Society Funding to facilitate restarting in-person pet therapy visits as soon as it is safe to do so. $15,000
    Pacific Centre Family Services Association Funding will be used to support increased operational costs and increased counselling staff to relieve the high demand in requests for service.  $30,000
    Pacifica Housing Advisory Association Funding will support capacity building via certified Suicide Prevention and Mental Health First Aid training courses for staff to strengthen the ongoing health and wellness of our team and the vulnerable populations we serve who face additional challenges due to COVID-19. $29,950
    Parkinson Wellness Projects Funding for fitness programs and counseling services.  $15,000
    Restorative Justice Victoria Funding will be used to retain the Complex Caseworker for the late-pandemic and post-pandemic stages to support our most vulnerable clients. $29,120
    Saanich Neighbourhood Place Funding received will be used to offer additional leave and backfill for essential positions in food security, outreach and childcare, as well as sponsor 4 six week sessions of RAFT, our anxiety reduction program for youth and tweens, with a small portion allocated to general operations, ensuring we can keep those spaces open and available for our team to connect with participants safely as allowed.  $20,000
    Salt Spring and Southern Gulf Islands Community Services Society Funding to re-establish and improve mental wellness peer support, drop in and group activities for children, youth and families.   $20,000
    Seniors Serving Seniors Association of British Columbia Funding will support the Education Coordinator position; he provides necessary training and support for our volunteers to support our seniors.  $20,000
    Soap for Hope Canada Providing Local Community Facilities in the Capital Region with essential hygiene amenities to keep vulnerable people clean and healthy. $25,000
    Society For Kids At Tennis Funding to support ongoing operations and programs which will restart in April. $7,500
    Sooke Family Resource Society Funding support for staffing hours to support the need for Pre-Postnatal Education/Outreach and Youth Navigator/Outreach in the greater Sooke to Port Renfrew communities. $30,000
    Sooke Shelter Society Coordinating a part-time paid position for a Mental Health and Addictions worker to provide 780 hours of mental health supports for vulnerable populations in the Greater Sooke Region.  $30,000
    Spinal Cord Injury BC The project will support our Peer Support and Information Services Program to provide critical peer support, information and resources to people living with spinal cord injury (SCI) and related physical disabilities on Southern Vancouver Island. $5,000
    Surrounded by Cedar Child and Family Services Society Funding to acquire additional office space and complete a small renovation to meet demand for services during the pandemic.  $20,000
    The Canadian Red Cross Society la Société Canadienne de la Croix-Rouge To address a scarcity of children’s wheelchairs within the Greater Victoria rental market, this project will purchase 27 pediatric wheelchairs for no cost, by-donation loan to families with children recovering from broken bones or a range of diseases. $19,915
    The Victoria Youth Clinic Society Supporting the well being of youth and families dealing with mental health and substance use. $30,000
    The Victoria Youth Empowerment Society To provide operational funds (food, hygiene products, clothing etc.) for the Alliance Club which serves vulnerable, homeless youth (13-19) during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  $30,000
    Umbrella Society For Addictions And Mental Health Funding will support the organization to work with a community partner, Connections Place, to support individuals with both mental health and substance use issues.  $30,000
    Vancouver Island Counselling Centre For Immigrants And Refugees (VICCIR) Funding would be used to cover the wages and other employment expenses of the Social and Community Services Worker, a position that was established with funding from the Emergency Community Support Fund, which ended on March 31 2021.  $30,000
    Victoria Brain Injury Society Funding will provides brain injury survivors with a reassuring first-point of contact, providing information and assessing client needs in order to provide recommendations for service.  $21,000
    Victoria Child Abuse Prevention and Counselling Centre Funding will support no-fee long term counselling to children and youth who have experienced abuse. $15,000
    Victoria Cool Aid Society Support for Cool Aid’s mobile health outreach program that provides primary care and other health services to people living in encampments, hotel sheltering sites, and other locations where healthcare services are needed. $30,000
    Victoria Hospice Society It has been a challenging year, with community demand for our services rising under difficult conditions, Victoria Hospice is seeking funding to aid in the cost of the delivery of our care that is necessary to adhere to new strict COVID-19 safety protocols. $10,266
    Victoria Humane Society We are requesting a grant from the Victoria Foundation to help fund the costs of hiring an Operations Manager to increase the capability of the Victoria Humane Society to support the rising surrender and abandonment of animals due to economic hardship. $15,000
    Victoria Sexual Assault Centre Society Funding to build organizational human resources capacity and augment crisis counselling services to support survivors of sexual assault to rebuild safety and stabilization in their lives. $30,000
    Victoria Society for Children with Autism Funds will support operational and program funding to support our continued service to the Autistic community in and around the Capital Regional District.  $30,000
    YMCA-YWCA of Vancouver Island Funding to help support the necessary adjustments to our summer camping programs.  $25,000
  • Housing
    Legal Name Describe your funding request in one sentence Total Proposed Allocation
    Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness Society Funding program costs of administration of laundry services, staff salary, and outreach services to benefit people experiencing homelessness in Victoria. $24,115
    Makeway Charitable Society – The Existence Project Supporting the planning and implementation of storytelling workshops connecting 280+ newly housed residents in supportive housing with housed neighbours in their community. $30,000
    Our Place Society During the COVID-19 crisis, Our Place Society has expanded to manage five new locations, and now houses approximately 400 individuals, requiring additional support staff working remotely from one another and needing increased digital capacity (networked computers) to connect and deliver vital services effectively. $27,560
    Rent Smart Education snd Support Society Developing a virtual toolkit of curriculum, activities and resources; test and refine new content and activities with input from vulnerable tenants; train current and new RentSmart Educators in delivery of virtual tenant education using the resources developed. $15,000
    The Salvation Army Victoria Addictions and Rehabilitation Centre Continuing to provide services that directly benefit the marginalized community. $20,000
    Together Against Poverty Society (TAPS) The Legal Advocacy For Tenants project will provide much-needed legal support for low-income tenants in the pandemic by challenging unlawful evictions, mediating disputes, and providing assistance with emergency supports so tenants can maintain stable housing.  $30,000
  • Racial Equity and Reconciliation


    Legal Name Describe your funding request in one sentence Total Proposed Allocation
    Aboriginal Coalition to End Homelessness Society Supporting capacity development related to financial management, human resources, and policy development.  $20,000
    Anglican Synod of the Diocese of British Columbia Funding supports newcomer voices, perspectives and cultures to find a place within our community to be free, to be safe and to shape all of Victoria’s residents with more compassion, acceptance and advocacy. $7,000
    BC Aboriginal Network on Disability Society Funding will be utilized to replace outdated computers and purchase new technology used throughout BCANDS program to better serve Indigenous peoples living with disabilities clients and our stakeholders within the Capital Region and to be better prepared for other community crisis situations should they occur.  $30,000
    Bridges for Women Society Supporting the organization to provide culturally safe and adaptable healing and employability programs for Indigenous women affected by trauma. $25,000
    British Columbia Black History Awareness Society Funding will be used towards youth anti-racism and engagement projects and programs.  $15,000
    Columbia Institute
    (The Workers Solidarity Network’s Charitable Trustee)
    Funding will support translating  COVID-19 Know Your Rights Booklets and Resources to key languages endemic to precarious work sectors in Victoria, while also distributing these resources through our wider network of service providers to ensure that everyone can access existing and emergent pandemic supports. $21,335
    Frontier College/Collège Frontière Funding to support the Community Literacy Catalyst Project which is an evidence-based, community-driven education initiative for children, youth, and adults, which puts Indigenous rights, knowledge, language, and culture at the heart of program design and delivery. $30,000
    Georgia Strait Alliance Support to help integrate individual and organizational learnings around issues of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion into work that supports vulnerable communities in the CRD and beyond in taking action on issues disproportionately affecting their communities including climate change and other environmental threats. $25,000
    Indigenous Perspectives Society To enhance and build business and communications technology interface and management capacity to support current operations and allow for necessary growth. $17,500
    Pacific Peoples’ Partnership (aka PPP) Supporting strategic planning, needs assessment, policy and procedural review and refinements, plus participation in the Thriving Non Profit program. $20,000
    PHA Public Health Association of British Columbia Assistance in maintaining and expanding the program which embeds indigenous plant gardens, language and community into schools in SD61.  $10,000
    Stqeeye’ Learning Society Funding to support building the capacity of Stqeeye’ Learning Society to deliver Indigenous land-based education for schools and communities. $25,000
    Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society Deliver decolonized community anti-racism training through the Resilience BC Anti-Racism Network $20,000
    Victoria Native Friendship Centre Funding will be used to hire staff to support our Elders who are isolated due to the pandemic $30,000
  • Rapid Relief


    Legal Name Describe your funding request in one sentence Total Proposed Allocation
    Esquimalt Neighbourhood House Society It is a weekly free produce and non-perishable food market facilitated by 12 volunteers, to address basic food security needs for approximately 400 vulnerable households. $30,000
    Silver Threads Service Improving food security and support for Seniors. $20,000
  • Vibrant and Caring Community


    Legal Name Describe your funding request in one sentence Total Proposed Allocation
    Centennial United Church The Centennial United Church building has heritage status with the City of Victoria and funding will fund conservation of part of the exterior wall for which funding from granting agencies will be required to complete the work. $1,279
    Dragonfly Child Care and Family Resource Centre Providing weekly resource kits and outreach services to isolated families due to the Pandemic as well as supporting ECE’s with continual professional development. $14,150
    Fernwood Neighbourhood Resource Group Society Expanding to meet the heightened needs of the family outreach program to reach vulnerable families and support them through crisis and into recovery. $30,000
    Gulf Islands Families Together Society Funding for facilitation for art therapy for Persons With Disability, and marginalized populations on Saltspring Island. $7,000
    HeroWork Program Society Funding will support the purchase two 20X20 Event tents for the execution of programs.  $15,000
    The Metchosin Foundation To fund the purchase of a dedicated laptop with office management, accounting and presentation software ($1900) will allow accurate, transparent and transferable stewardship of financial resources in a socially distanced manner, even as the membership and roles of the Board of Directors may change. $1,843
    Sooke Region Communities Health Network Funding for ongoing and new projects through support of operational costs. $30,000

*These organizations received Collaboration Grants. The Collaboration Grant is intended to support networks or groups of organizations working together to address systemic barriers or challenges to the organizations themselves or the clients they serve. There are additional eligibility criteria that these networks or groups must meet. Due to the nature of the work and the multiple stakeholders involved, the funding amount available is higher for Collaboration Grants than the $30,000 maximum for all other grants. Please see the Victoria Foundation’s Collaboration Grant Guidelines document for more information.