Read the 2023 edition of Make it Happen!

You can use the information in this guide to learn about the charitable organizations and the causes that matter most to you. Read stories from the community and see a snapshot of the impact donors are having. You’ll also find information about trust-based philanthropy and how it is shaping the way we work with the community.

Read the 2023 Make it Happen! magazine

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Make it Happen!

Together, we can Make it Happen! To learn more about how you can support the initiatives, funds, or programs in this guide, please contact our team.

Are you a fund holder at Victoria Foundation?

As a fund holder at Victoria Foundation, your recent fund statement shows your current available granting balance for 2023. You may already have ideas about causes you want to support, or you may be looking for information about needs in the community and how you can have the greatest impact.

Our team is here to help with information about opportunities or additional research to guide your granting recommendations this year. If you are interested in learning more about some of the applicants to the Community Grants Program within your areas of interest, let us know.

When you are ready to make your grant recommendations, you have options.

  1. Email us: Email one of your fund managers (Sara, Natasha or Jessica) with the name of the organization, program, or Community Action Fund and the dollar amount.
  2. DonorCentral: Log on and click “Recommendation” and “New”. Follow the prompts. If you are a new fund holder or need help logging on, contact us and we can walk you through the process.



Are you a Professional Advisor?

Our Philanthropic Services staff – Sara or Natasha – welcome the opportunity to talk with you and your clients about anything you may have seen in Make it Happen! We would be delighted to work with you and explore your client’s philanthropic interests.



Want to Support Applicants of the Community Grants Program?

The Community Grants Program directs funding to registered charities and other qualified recipients within the Capital Region whose work benefits the wellbeing of our community. Each year, application funding requests to the program exceed the available funding. Fundholders and donors at Victoria Foundation have generously helped to bridge this gap.

One of the most impactful ways you can help to bridge this gap is by supporting the Community Action Funds.

The Community Action Funds allow you to give confidently to the cause areas that matter most to you. Your gift or grant recommendation will be pooled with donations from other individuals, families, and organizations, having maximum impact within a shared area of interest.

For more information on the Community Grants Program, contact Jessica.

Grants or donations made to the Community Action Funds before May 19th will be distributed through the Community Grants Program.