Check out the 2022 Make it Happen!

Inside this 2022 Make it Happen! guide, you’ll find stories of how your gift can make a difference and discover some of the most important ways we can approach our collective giving. You’ll also find information about trust-based philanthropy and how it is shaping the way we work with community. And you will hear about ways you can support community organizations, through the Foundation’s strategic initiatives, which are generating tremendous impact in response to this exceptional time of need.

2022 Make it Happen! Guide

Make it Happen!

Click on your favourite section in the Make it Happen! guide to learn more about how you can get involved today! If you are a fund holder at Victoria Foundation, please email your Philanthropic Services team or visit Donor Central to make a grant recommendation directly from your fund to one of these important opportunities.  If you do not hold a fund at the Foundation, we invite you to contact us directly to make a gift, or use one of the online donation forms below in connection with the program or fund you would like to support.

  • Vital Signs

    Sponsorship of Vital Signs and Vital Conversations can help Victoria Foundation  bring community knowledge, solutions and opportunities to life. For more information on sponsorship of these programs, please contact our team.

  • Trust-Based Philanthropy

    Learn more about the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project You can also email us to be added to the list for information about upcoming sessions and resources that explore how we as funders and donors can collectively work to build more mutually accountable relationships with community.

  • Community Action Funds

    Any contributions made to the Community Action Funds before May 14, 2022 will be distributed to qualified applicants of the 2022 Community Grants Program. Contributions made after May 14th will be distributed from the Community Action Funds based on available granting fund balances and community needs within each cause area. For more information on how granting decisions are made from the Community Action Funds, contact our team.

    Donate to your favourite Community Action Fund today using the form below

  • Community Grants Program

    If you know of an organization that might be a good fit for this program, please have them visit our website or contact our grants team for more information or support to complete the application process.

    To financially support qualified applicants of this program, any contributions made to the Community Action Funds or the Blue Heron Fund for Kids, before May 14, 2022 will be distributed to qualified applicants of the 2022 Community Grants Program. If you have specific interests or would like to learn more about your favourite charities and their current needs, please contact our team for more information.

  • The Blue Heron Fund for Kids – Have your gift matched today!

    Donate online before May 14th to the Blue Heron Fund for Kids and every dollar will be matched up to $250,000. Fund holders of Victoria Foundation can also take advantage of this matching opportunity by contacting our team.

  • Strengthening the Sector: Educational Offerings

    If you are interested in helping us to deliver educational sessions to support organizations and individuals within the charitable sector, please contact our team for more information.

  • Collaborations

    Based on the incredible systems change collaboration work happening in the community, at Victoria Foundation, we expect to receive $500,000 in requests in 2022 that would contribute to the work of hundreds of organizations involved in 7-10 collaborations. Donate today to support these vital partnerships, or contact our team to learn more about how your early funding can be the catalyst that propels these collaborations forward.

  • Neighbourhood Small Grants

    Small is BIG. Through the local Neighbourhood Small Grants partnership, Victoria Foundation has been able to serve many, but not all of our community’s residents. In 2022, $40,000 will help to deliver the local program and expand to other neighbourhoods in our region. Donate today to enhance this program, or contact our team learn more about how your gift can help residents in our region find connection and belonging through community projects.

  • Vital Youth

    To learn more about Vital Youth, visit our website, or check out this great Times Colonist article and student blog about the impact of the program. Support of the Vital Youth Program Endowment will continue to ensure that even more student groups will have access to $3,000 annually to distribute in their communities. Currently we have 10 schools participating in this program.