Youth Financial Well-being: COVID-19 Considerations

COVID-19 has disrupted our normal flows of information and left us with more questions about the future. Join us for virtual conversations on Youth Financial Well-being, to connect with local experts who are providing up to date information and guidance to youth, as well as youth themselves who will share what their concerns and considerations have been and how they have navigated this “next normal.”

These interactive sessions will also provide lots of opportunity for youth to discuss in small groups what their questions and concerns are, and what information and services would be helpful at this time. The conversations will document take aways and action items to advocate for streamlined and effective youth services in our region.

The webinars are free. Individuals can ask their questions anonymously; privacy will be respected. The two sessions are themed, based on experiences that youth might be encountering at this time.

Reserve your spot now for these 2020 Youth Vital Conversations!

A Conversation with Younger Youth

Thursday, July 16 from 4-6 pm

Specific for young adults aged 15-21, in or out of school, challenged with new or existing financial realities. Join us for a virtual conversation* to discuss financial well-being in the new job economy, changed rental market and virtual postsecondary options. Adult allies welcome.

A Conversation with Older Youth

Thursday, July 23 from 4-6 pm

Specific for older youth aged 20-27 that are in or entering the workforce. Join us for a virtual conversation* to discuss employment re-skilling, the realities of virtual work, saving money in the new economy, and affordable and smart housing options. Adult allies welcome.

Please submit any event questions to us by July 10:

* Please note that this is a Zoom meeting. For added security, we will LOCK the webinar 10 minutes after it starts. If you haven’t joined by then, you WILL NOT be able to join afterwards.