Your Guide to Giving: Starting a Fund at the Victoria Foundation

There are many reasons why one would establish a fund with us. Some people view it as an opportunity to give back in return for a good life. To thank a community that helped them succeed. To teach their own children about the importance of philanthropy. Yours reasons are unique to you.

Our connection to where we live, the lives we have led and the causes that are important to us are often echoed in the choices we make for our charitable giving. When individuals or families embark on a journey to make philanthropy part of their lives, it often starts with simple concepts: donating food or clothing to families in need, buying chocolate bar for a school fundraiser, helping an elderly neighbour.

When you establish a fund at the Victoria Foundation, we become your one-stop shop for philanthropy.

The Victoria Foundation can give you the tools and resources you need to learn about charitable organizations in your community and across Canada.

We can offer ideas for specific actions you can take to support your community and the causes you love. By taking the steps that are meaningful to you, you will know that your act of doing good, no matter how big or how small, makes a real difference.

To learn more, visit our Giving Guide, or contact our Philanthropic Services team at or 250.381.5532.