YOU are a COVID Hero

Victoria Foundation, and the community of donors and organizations behind the Rapid Relief Fund received three awards during the month of December 2020 – which makes you – a COVID hero!

Throughout 2020, over $6M was distributed into the community at a time when local charities needed it most. Thank you for the phenomenal impact you have made on our community during this unique year.

Please see below for more information on the three awards.

VIATEC – Ten Greater Victoria COVID Heroes

On December 18th, VIATEC identified the Rapid Relief Fund as one of its COVID Heroes, a distinction that honours people and organizations that made exceptional contributions to Greater Victoria during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“COVID-19 has made an impact on everyone and we wanted to help by allowing us all to take a moment from reacting and adapting, to taking a moment to shine a light on those that have stepped up and played a role in helping others deal with the challenges and loss that a pandemic brings,” said Dan Gunn, CEO of VIATEC.

The Victoria Foundation is extremely proud to have been a part of the Rapid Relief Fund campaign, and offers congratulations to all of the 13,000 individuals and over 96 organizations who made it such a success, along with all the other COVID Heroes.

Watch the full event here.

See the media release and full list of recipients here.

National Philanthropy Day Giving Hearts Honour Roll

Each year, National Philanthropy Day (NPD) on Vancouver Island provides an opportunity to gather to celebrate the generosity of our community and learn new skills to apply to the philanthropic sector.

In this unbelievable year, we are honoured to share that Victoria Foundation, and the community of donors behind the Rapid Relief Fund were nominated for the 2020 National Philanthropy Day Giving Hearts Honour Roll.

Watch the celebration or learn more about this event by visiting the National Philanthropy Day website.

Paul Harris Fellowship

The club membership of Rotary Club of Victoria – Harbourside,  presented a citation to Sandra Richardson, Robert Jawl and Dave Obee for their leadership with the Rapid Relief Fund. Originally the Paul Harris Fellowship designation came about as a result of financial contribution but in more recent years, beginning with Mother Teresa, Rotary Clubs have bestowed the honour on citizens who through service above self have made a substantial impact on the community.

“To accept this award on behalf of all those who stepped up and dug deep to support the Rapid Relief Fund, along with all those who received support as a result of the generosity, was a true honour,” said Sandra Richardson. “I can’t express enough how much credit is deserved by the organizations and service providers in our region who were there for those who needed it most at the hardest of times. This is a recognition of their efforts, along with those who supported them through the fund.”