Destigmatizing addiction and mental health in the construction industry

This month on the Vital Victoria Podcast, Rory Kulmala, the CEO of the Vancouver Island Construction Association (VICA), joins host Lucky Budd to talk about mental health and addiction issues that many are facing in the construction industry. They talk about how VICA has been educating workers about harm reduction, connecting them with local resources to help, and reducing the stigma around mental health and substance issues. They talk about how Rory’s time in the navy inspired him and his team to take action on mental health and addiction issues, and how, day by day, that action is helping save lives.

Vital Signs Issue Area

Good health and well-being ensure people of all ages are in optimal condition to live life to the fullest. In the 2023 Vital Signs report, survey participants gave ‘Health & Wellness’ a letter grade of ‘B-’. This issue is connected to Sustainable Development Goal 3 and 10: Good health and well-being and Reduced inequalities.

Episode 16 Guest

Rory Kulmala – Rory Kulmala is the CEO of the Vancouver Island Construction Association (VICA), and a long-time resident of Greater Victoria. He’s worked as a general contractor and has held several senior positions within the public and private sectors, focusing on engineering, construction, and large-scale development projects. In 2021 he and VICA partnered with Island Health to create the Tailgate Toolkit Project, which aims to increase access to harm reduction services and to start dialogues among construction workers about mental health, addiction, and substance use issues.

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