Vital Victoria Podcast – Episode #16 – Transportation

How do you get around Greater Victoria? By car? By bus? Do you cycle? Maybe you like to walk. Chances are you use multiple ways to get around our region, if not all of them. More and more multimodal transportation is becoming the norm, and could be the answer to our region’s transportation woes.

To dig into the transportation issues in our region we all hear so much about, from bus lanes to traffic congestion to the possibility of light rail transit, we sit down with Bruce Williams, interim CEO of the South Island Prosperity Partnership, to discuss transportation in the capital region and his organization’s path to a brighter future. Also, field reporter Kyle Wells takes a walk to the Johnson Street bridge with Fraser Work, Director of Engineering and Public Works for the City of Victoria, for a chat about how the bridge is faring after being open for a little over a year now, along with how pedestrian and cycling lanes, and parking, figure into Victoria’s overall vision for transportation.

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