Victoria Foundation launches program to support essential organizations

Victoria, B.C. – Today, the Victoria Foundation launched a new funding stream to help local agencies serving our region’s most vulnerable residents during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

The Community Recovery Program will support federally-registered charities and qualified donees in the Capital Region with flexible, general operating funds in response to the social and economic impacts COVID-19 has had on these organizations.

The goal of the program is to support communities affected by the pandemic and to strengthen the charitable sector more generally to maintain capacity to deliver services across a broad range of areas, from the arts and environment, to education and health, and community services. Grants will be made through the lens of recovery efforts and building resilience for our local charities for the short and long-term.

“The whole situation has really brought to the forefront just how essential these organizations in our region are, most of which are having to adapt to meet recent challenges,” said Sandra Richardson, CEO of the Victoria Foundation. “The Community Recovery Program will help organizations to weather this storm and address the significant financial hardship and impacts of COVID-19.”

The program is funded in part by donations made to the new Community Action Funds, including the broad Vibrant and Caring Community Fund and a series of nine funds that allow donors to pick an area of interest and donate knowing their funds will be put to the best and highest use. Funding areas offered include Gender Equity, Arts + Culture and the continuation of the Rapid Relief Fund.

Funds will be released on a rolling basis, to distribute resources quickly and adapt to evolving needs. Organizations may only submit one funding request, as funds are limited. The Victoria Foundation strongly encourages organizations to complete the survey and submit funding request by September 21 to be considered for the first round of funding.

More information on the Community Recovery Program and the Community Action Funds can be found on the Victoria Foundation website at

Find the full release here.