Victoria: Here Are Your Check-up Results!

Oct. 4, 2017, Victoria, BC – What do addictions and childcare have in common? It turns out they’re the two issues that showed the biggest shifts on this year’s list of community concerns, according to residents of the Capital Region.

Housing, cost of living and mental illness remain in the top three, but addictions has jumped from number eight to the number four spot. Meanwhile, childcare rose to number nine from the sixteenth spot last year.

These are just some of the interesting results revealed today at the launch of Victoria’s Vital Signs®, the annual community report card produced by the Victoria Foundation and supported by signature sponsor Coast Capital Savings. Unique to the region, it combines public opinion survey results with statistics and relevant facts to provide a snapshot of regional livability and wellbeing.

For more, read or download the full report, or view the complete media release.



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