Rise Up Youth Employment Project

Phoenix Human Services received $15,000 this year to support vulnerable youth find and maintain volunteer and paid employment. Half way through the project – and we are excited to report our progress. We know that for all youth – finding work for the first time can be exciting, frightening and instrumental for building new skills and for opening new doors to the future.

For many youth who are already struggling with healthy connections to their community- finding work can be extremely difficult and sometimes impossible. We also know that successful first experiences may lead to a lifetime of employment and full and healthy lives of inclusion, financial independence and contribution to community.

Rise Up Employment Program supports youth (aged 15-25) who have a developmental disability, who have little or no education, or who are doing well in school. They often have a mental health diagnosis, a physical disability, low literacy or language skills, a criminal record and many have experienced trauma in their family. These are youth who have often faced difficulties in their schools, their family and in their broader community.

We are excited to report that we are helping 12 youth find meaningful work experiences that often lead to paid employment. Many are already participating in work experience placements. They are learning new skills, building self esteem and connecting with great mentors in their community.

To find out more about supporting a youth to learn – please call 250 370-2797!

Thank you Victoria Foundation (as well as the Telus Community Grant). We will continue to report on their success this year!