Response to inquiries about 2023 Community Grants Program

The Victoria Foundation works with a diverse group of organizations to create belonging in Greater Victoria and across the country. Given world events, the Foundation appreciates the heightened concern and worry in our community and around the world.

As part of our 2023 Community Grants Program, where over $4.899 million was distributed, the Foundation granted $28,000 to an intermediary partnership between the Belfry Theatre and Plenty Collective in July 2023. The funding was given to the Belfry Theatre as the registered charity from the Victoria Foundation. The Belfry Theatre and Plenty Collective requested the funding for events that foster arts-based community connection and wellness. The purpose of the grant focused on queer community building, with an intersectional lens, through nourishment, art and connection.

As a funder, it is our expectation that grants are used for the purposes outlined in the application, and any changes to that need to be raised with the Foundation. As part of our regular procedures, the Foundation does have a review process with a registered charity if we receive a concern about the use of funding. The review process has been initiated in this circumstance.