Supporting Greater Victoria

Join the Victoria Foundation, Times Colonist and the Jawl family in raising millions for coronavirus emergency relief.

Please download your receipt from the link that will show on this screen after you hit donate!

Additional ways to make donations

  • PayPal Donations

    CanadaHelps is another platform that can be used to make donations to this fund. Visit this link and choose the PayPal option to make a donation through your bank account. This will allow you to receive a tax receipt instantly.

  • Victoria Foundation Fund Holders

    If you would like to donate to this cause using the available to grant balance in your fund, you can do this in one of two ways:

    DonorCentral: Log on to DonorCentral. Scroll to the bottom of your home page to the ‘Grant Opportunities’ section. ‘Rapid Relief Fund’ is the first box listed. Simply click on the box and grant as usual.

    Email: Send an email listing your requested grant amount, fund name, and purpose (Rapid Relief Fund) to

  • Cheques

    Send cheques to the Victoria Foundation at #200 – 703 Broughton Street, Victoria, BC, V8W 1E2. Please ensure they are made out to the Victoria Foundation. Note the ‘Rapid Relief Fund’ in the memo line or in a cover letter.

    Though our staff are currently working from home, we will be collecting mail and your donations will be added to the thermometer on this web page once processed. Tax receipts will be issued at that time.

    If you are open to receiving your tax receipt by PDF, please include an email address with your donation.


  • CanadaHelps Online Platform

    If you are having any issues donating through the online form on this page, donations can also be made using CanadaHelps.

    * Please note CanadaHelps assesses a 3.5-4 per cent transaction fee on all donations. This amount is deducted before the donation is sent to the Victoria Foundation. This fee covers all credit card merchant fees, transaction fees, banking costs, receipting, reconciliation and disbursement.

  • Publicly Listed Securities

    Qualifying publicly listed securities include shares, bonds, warrants, options listed on a prescribed stock exchange, mutual fund shares/units and segregated fund units.

    When publicly listed securities are donated to the Victoria Foundation, the tax on the capital gain is eliminated. To take advantage of the tax savings benefit, the donor must transfer the securities “as is” – either through an electronic transfer from the donor’s brokerage account to the foundation’s brokerage account, or in the form of a share certificate in the donor’s name delivered to the foundation.

    We will work with you and your advisors to ensure the transfer is smooth and your donation receipt is delivered to you. Simply complete the step-by-step instructions on our Donation Form for Gifts of Securities and send a copy to your broker and to the Victoria Foundation. We will look after the rest.

    You will receive a donation receipt for the fair market value of the securities based on the closing price on the date the securities are received into the foundation’s account.

    If you have share certificates, please call us to arrange for delivery of the certificates. Since a signed certificate is negotiable, please wait to sign it until you have met with us and are ready to transfer your shares to the foundation. We will arrange for your signature to be guaranteed and for the receipt to be issued to you.

  • Interac e-transfers

    Note: CanadaHelps is another platform that can be used to make donations to this fund. Visit this link and choose the PayPal option to make a donation through your bank account. This will allow you to receive a tax receipt instantly.

    Donations under $3,000 can be also be made by Interac e-Transfer through your bank account.  Please follow the instructions below. If you need assistance, you can contact our Finance Department at

    1. On your bank account, set up the Victoria Foundation as a new e-Transfer recipient:
      1. Name – Victoria Foundation
      2. Email –
      3. Preferred Language – English
      4. Send e-Transfer by – Email (Victoria Foundation cannot accept e-Transfers by phone)
      5. Create a secret question and answer of your choosing and ensure that you email the secret answer to (see Step 3)
    2. On your bank account, send the e-Transfer to and enter “Rapid Relief Fund” in the message field.
    3. Send an email to with your name and address as well as the answer to your secret question.
    4. Once Victoria Foundation staff accept your donation, you will receive confirmation of receipt of your donation and we will issue you with a tax receipt.
  • What are the funding priorities of the Rapid Relief Fund?

    Ongoing needs are being identified by community leaders working in coronavirus emergency relief. Currently, these needs include: 

    • Prevention of homelessness, including support to organizations that provide rent and income subsidies 
    • Access to food (e.g. food banks, meal programs) 
    • Providing navigation of government or other financial supports and programs available to individuals and families 
    • Physical and mental health supports (e.g. assisting service providers to purchase equipment or receive training to follow Health Authority recommended health protocols) 
    • Other areas identified based on community needs and input from the Community Advisory 
  • What organizations have received money from the fund so far?

    The Rapid Relief Fund provides grant awards to Federally Registered Charities and Qualified Donees across the Victoria capital region and Cowichan Valley areaThe first $1 Million raised from the Rapid Relief Fund was granted to pre-selected groups identified by community partners as having urgent community need when the fund first started. 

    Further grants are now being distributed on a rolling basis to support additional urgent community needs. Staff at the Victoria Foundation have assembled the input of a voluntary advisory committee comprised of community leaders working in coronavirus emergency relief to help assess both the needs within the community and the capacities of organizations to respond rapidly, and to assist in bringing grant recommendations to the Victoria Foundation Board for approval.  

    The Victoria Foundation is waiving all fees for services for this fund so that every dollar collected is granted out. 

    For more information, visit our Rapid Relief Fund Disbursements page.

  • Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?

    Yes. All donations will be tax receipted by the Victoria Foundation. If you give online, you will automatically be sent your tax receipt by email. If you mailed in your donation, or donated by phone, a receipt will be emailed or mailed to you. 

  • Will the full amount of my donation go to charities? Will fees be deducted?

    The Victoria Foundation is waiving all fees for services and credit card transactions so that 100% of your donation will go directly to charitable organizations supported by the fund. 

  • Can I restrict my donation to a specific organization or area of coronavirus relief?

    No. To ensure we provide resources as efficiently as possible and respond to needs of communities most impacted, we are not considering restricted donations to the Rapid Relief Fund at this time. The Fund complements the work of public health officials and other government and private relief efforts and expands local capacity to address the many needs arising from the coronavirus crisis.  

    Grants are now being distributed on a rolling basis to support additional urgent community needs. Staff at the Victoria Foundation have assembled the input of a voluntary advisory committee comprised of community leaders working in coronavirus emergency relief to help assess both the needs within the community and the capacities of organizations to respond rapidly, and to assist in bringing grant recommendations to the Victoria Foundation Board for approval. 

  • How can I stay up to date on the impact of the fund in our community?

    You can find updates on the impact of your support to the Rapid Relief Fund through our local media partners including the Times Colonist, CHEK News and Black Press community news, as well as on our website.

  • I’m an individual who’s been affected by COVID-19. Can this Fund help me?

    We understand many individuals and families are being affected by the outbreak. The Fund is focused on moving resources to community-based organizations that directly support local residents and families who are experiencing health, economic and social impacts from COVID-19. 

    While the Fund will not provide grants directly to individuals, it is funding trusted community organizations that are providing people and families with services and support.  

    Click here for more information on the agencies funded.  

  • Can my organization apply to receive funding? Or can I recommend an organization to receive funding?

    Please visit the Rapid Relief Fund Grant Eligibility webpage for more information. 

  • I live north of the Malahat. Will the fund support organizations in my community?

    Yes. Grants have already been awarded to organizations north of the Malahat, and we continue to assess opportunities to provide support in this area in conjunction with local agencies and funding partners.  

  • Where can I read what people are saying about the fund?

    Please read these inspirational comments provided by donors to the Rapid Relief Fund. (updated regularly) 

  • Where can I get more information?

    You can find a list of media stories and other breaking information on the Fund on our What’s New page.

    For all other questions and inquiries, please email or call 250-381-5532.