NEED2 Suicide Prevention Education & Support

Program: Filling Gaps – building service capacity to support area youth

Vital Sign: Safety

Total Grant: $23,909 ($2,850 from donor contributions)

NEED2 Suicide Prevention Education & SupportThere is an acute need to develop supportive options for children and youth struggling with mental health issues. This includes broad prevention initiatives to foster good mental health, and safe, immediate, accessible, youth-friendly services to help young people in crisis. Crisis Intervention and Public Information Society of Greater Victoria (NEED2)‘s services – in school suicide prevention education and online support – save young lives. Increasing protective factors and mitigating risk of suicide or self-injury, these services depend on well-trained and supported volunteers. Funding for this project will assist NEED2 in maintaining its service reach of more than 3,000 young people annually and extending it to an additional 500.

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