Integrating Philanthropy into Wealth Management: A Path to Legacy Building

By April Dorey Hartwig, BCom, CIM®, CFP®, FCSI®, Senior Wealth Manager, Heart Wealth Management Group of Raymond James Ltd.

In the realm of wealth management, where financial strategies and investment decisions often take center stage, the conversation around philanthropy and legacy giving provides a profound avenue to explore the values and aspirations that drive our clients. At Heart Wealth Management Group of Raymond James Ltd., we’ve embraced the opportunity to engage in these meaningful discussions, often inspired by the impactful work of organizations like the Victoria Foundation.

Philanthropy, at its core, is a reflection of personal values and a means to leave a lasting impact on the world. It’s a subject that resonates deeply with many of our clients, who seek not only to grow their wealth but to use it as a tool for positive change. Our approach to integrating charitable giving and legacy planning into wealth management conversations is rooted in the understanding that true wealth encompasses far more than financial assets—it includes the ability to make a difference.

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Understanding the Why Behind Giving

Our journey with each client begins with understanding their ‘why’—the motivations, passions, and causes they care about deeply. This understanding becomes the foundation of our strategy, influencing investment choices, estate planning, and philanthropic endeavors. It’s not just about selecting the right charitable vehicles or tax-efficient methods of giving; it’s about aligning our clients’ financial strategies with their desire to contribute to the community and causes close to their heart.

Collaboration with the Victoria Foundation

At Heart Wealth Management Group of Raymond James Ltd., our philanthropic strategy is tailored to each client’s unique aspirations, facilitating a diverse range of giving methods to maximize impact. This includes the donation of shares, naming the Victoria Foundation as a beneficiary of accounts or estates, and leveraging insurance products to enhance gifts. Our planning is comprehensive and client-focused; we do not promote any specific charities but instead support our clients in contributing to the causes they are passionate about. The Victoria Foundation, with its profound community knowledge and extensive charitable resources, plays a pivotal role in our ability to offer such customized philanthropic solutions. This partnership allows us to present our clients with opportunities that not only meet their personal and financial objectives but also contribute significantly to the local community through the Foundation’s initiatives.

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Building a Legacy Through Philanthropy

Legacy planning is an integral part of wealth management, offering clients the chance to leave a lasting mark on the world. In discussions about legacy, philanthropy emerges as a powerful tool for achieving personal goals and making a lasting difference. Whether it’s establishing a donor advised fund in their name, contributing to an endowment, or supporting a project that aligns with their values, each client’s philanthropic journey is unique and deeply personal.

A Future Focused on Impact

Looking ahead, the importance of incorporating philanthropy into wealth management conversations will only grow. As advisors, our role extends beyond financial guidance; we are partners in our clients’ journey to build a meaningful legacy. We are committed to fostering a culture of giving, where philanthropy is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of wealth management.

In closing, I encourage my fellow advisors to embrace the philanthropic conversation, recognizing its potential to deepen client relationships and enhance the impact of our work. Together, with organizations like the Victoria Foundation, we can empower our clients to achieve their philanthropic goals and leave a lasting legacy.

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