How will you use Victoria’s Vital Signs?

Victoria’s Vital Signs® is a community check-up that evaluates how we’re doing in the Capital Region. The annual report is an initiative of Community Foundations of Canada. Results can be compared with those from cities across the country.

The Vital Signs report measures the health of our city and assigns grades in a number of areas that are critical to our community’s vitality.  Data is collected with cooperation from a number of various sources that are continuously researching and collecting data.

The 11 indicators include: youth, arts and culture, belonging and leadership, the economy, our environment, getting started (children and those new to our community), health and wellness, housing, learning, safety, standard of living and transportation.

How will you use the findings of Victoria’s Vital Signs®? Will you use it at work? In your philanthropic efforts? To spark discussion with your friends and family?  You can read how the congregation at First Metropolitan United Church puts it to use in CFC’s blog post today.