Housing Fund

This Fund supports the following Sustainable Development Goals:

SDG Goal 1: No Poverty SDG Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

The Housing Fund is for you if you’re interested in supporting initiatives related to safe, secure, and affordable housing in our community. The fund helps to address the needs of the unhoused community and people at risk of losing their homes. It strengthens housing support programs, pre-employment and life skills training, and activities that work to prevent homelessness.

What types of organizations benefit from this fund?

Your donations to the Housing Fund are given to a variety of initiatives, such as tenant protection organizations, youth societies, outreach groups, organizations working to end homelessness, and more.

Your gifts to a Community Action Fund help organizations thrive and make our community more vibrant for everyone.

Your gift to a CAF made between January and May will be distributed through the Victoria Foundation’s Community Grants Program. See a complete list of Community Action Fund grant recipients from 2023. Outside of this period, your gift be distributed through one of the Foundation’s other equitable granting initiatives.

In 2023, the Housing Fund granted to 6 organizations for a total of $56,843.


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Read the stories below to see the impact donors have on organizations in our community!

Donor Spotlight

Charlotte Bell says she gave a gift to the Housing Fund because she learned there are many dedicated charities and non-profits in Victoria working on housing issues, and she wanted her gift to have the farthest reach by being pooled with other donors’ gifts, then granted strategically to many housing organizations with the greatest need.

“The Victoria Foundation’s Community Action Funds made it possible for me to do that, and I was thrilled to assist several worthwhile programs at the same time. If you have a vision for how you want to help, the Foundation has a way to make it happen!” she said.

Affordable Housing
Aboriginal Coalition to End Homelessness

Impact Spotlight

The Aboriginal Coalition to End Homelessness is just one of many housing-related non-profits and charities that have recently benefited from generous donors like Charlotte.

With the help of these wonderful gifts, the Coalition has been able to identify major gaps in the services of Victoria’s unhoused Indigenous community. It’s opened a downtown location with direct supports for vulnerable community members. Ongoing support has helped over 150 individuals, including basic needs, integration, health, wellness, and cultural support, along with Indigenous justice programming. The Coalition also plans to create an Indigenous Gathering Space in the future.

You are welcome to speak with our team at any time to learn more about our Community Action Funds and how you can make an impact.

The Housing Fund helps strengthens housing support programs, pre-employment and life skills training, and activities that work to prevent homelessness.

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