HeroWork to Improve Food Distribution Centre


HeroWork has partnered with the Mustard Seed and Food Share Network for their 2018 spring Radical Renovation. Over three weekends in June, HeroWork will build and install a state of the art commercial processing kitchen worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. At the same time, they will install new bathrooms and renew the current offices.

With the support of Rotary and the Victoria Foundation, the Mustard Seed has partnered with the Food Share Network to enhance food security by acting as a central hub, distributing rescued food to over 50 different agencies, directly benefiting over 35,000 people every month.

This processing capacity of this kitchen will lower their perishable food waste, turning them into soups, stocks, preserves, etc. This means more good food to children, families, single parents, people experiencing homeless, and other vulnerable populations through neighbourhood houses, schools, soup kitchens, churches, and more.

This commercial kitchen will also be used by other organizations to operate important programs, like teaching food skills and food literacy to a wide array of vulnerable populations.

When complete, this project will leave a legacy that will affect tens of thousands of people year after year.