Help us Make it happen!

We don’t think this will surprise you – local charitable organizations are doing some amazing work in our community! Just look at what is happening with our community pre-school programs, performing and visual arts and culture groups, food banks, libraries, boys and girls clubs, agencies serving seniors and more. Volunteers and staff at these charities provide vital services and programming – and the Victoria Foundation is here to support them.

Each year we receive grant applications for projects that reflect community needs identified in Victoria’s Vital Signs® and across the Victoria Foundation’s five areas of interest. This year we have received more applications than ever before. Last year, through support of Make it happen! by many individuals and families, we were able to augment discretionary funding by almost 20 percent, thereby supporting more non-profits doing impactful work in the community. 

We encourage you to consider supporting one or more of the projects or leadership funds described in the Make it happen! booklet. Click for more information about the steps to Make it happen! and the Grant Distribution Form. If you decide to make a contribution, please let us know by October 23.

This is your chance to learn more about the needs and opportunities in the Capital Regional District and make a difference! Working together, we can strengthen the wellbeing of our community. Together, we’re better.

As always, if you have any questions or want more information, please call Sara Neely, Director of Philanthropic Services at 250.381.5532 or send her an email at You may also want to look at Victoria’s Community Knowledge Centre – our online hub of knowledge about past Make it happen! grant recipients and other local charitable organizations in our region.

Help us Make it happen! Click here to read the booklet.


Cover image: ABCs of Physical Literacy Program supported by the Victoria Foundation’s Smart & Caring Community Fund.