Guest Blog: Victoria Literacy Connection

Submitted by the Victoria Literacy Connection

Did you realize that 48% of adult Canadians have low literacy levels? What does that mean in real life? What it means is that these folks struggle to navigate life in our increasingly digital world; this is a world now requiring high levels of literacy, including basic literacy, numeracy and digital literacy, just to survive. How do they fill out an employment form? How do they apply for a driver’s license? How do they apply for ID? Getting left behind in this increasingly literate and digital world means that folks with low levels of literacy are more likely to be homeless and suffer from food insecurity. 

Literacy in our community is a foundational skill. When literacy rates among adults are improved, and early intervention helps children function at grade level as they move through to graduation, people then have options and can be successful members of the community. Literacy is, therefore, the foundation of a truly democratic society.  

Victoria Literacy Connection (VLC) is Victoria’s most comprehensive literacy charity.  VLC provides free literacy programs for children, youth and adults for basic literacy, numeracy and computer literacy, as well as new programs in financial literacy and an expanding family literacy program and more! Victoria Literacy Connection has hundreds of dedicated volunteers and a small but mighty highly qualified staff, that provide all these valuable services for the Greater Victoria area. 

We are grateful to the Victoria Foundation for supporting the Victoria Literacy Connection. The Victoria Foundation has been a wonderful financial partner supporting many of the incredible free programs that Victoria Literacy Connection offers. Victoria Foundation also hosts an endowment fund for Victoria Literacy Connection. For Victoria Literacy Connection, reliable income sources such as monthly donations, endowment fund earnings, legacy giving and consistent grants provide the financial stability the organization needs to plan programs that continue to raise the literacy levels of the community, therefore giving people hope for a better life. 

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