Guest Blog: KidSport Greater Victoria

Submitted by KidsSport Greater Victoria

In 2000, KidSport Greater Victoria became one of KidSport’s first local chapters, thanks to early support from both the Victoria Foundation and the BC Summer Games Legacy Fund.  Over the last 20+ years, we have steadily increased our reach to local families living in financial need – growth made possible thanks to diverse support from the Greater Victoria region.  These days, we are among the very largest KidSport chapters across the country.  Annually, we reach roughly 1,000 local children and youth in financial need through our core program, with approximately $300,000 a year in season of sport registration fees, allowing them to participate at any of ~200 diverse local sport organizations.

We exist to ensure that children experiencing financial need have the opportunity to seamlessly access the benefits of sport and physical activity. We believe that no kid should be left on the sidelines, and that access to safe, quality organized sport and physical activity fosters essential life skills, contributes to healthier lifestyles and enhances social and community connection.

In our over-two-decade history, we are proud and humbled to have reached over 14,900 local children and youth with nearly $3,700,000 in season of sport registration grants.  These numbers speak both to our very generous local community of donors and supporters, and to the high need throughout the Capital Regional District – need which has only grown over the last few years.

Support from the Victoria Foundation has been key to our ability to reach local kids with support, since our very beginning!  Ongoing support from the Victoria Foundation has allowed us to continue to expand our reach.

In 2010, with long-term legacy in mind, our Board of Directors established a hosted organization fund with the Victoria Foundation – a component of our organization that gives us peace of mind around our organization’s ability to continue to support our community, in perpetuity.  With uncertainty around the future being greater since 2020 than ever, the existence of our hosted fund offers a sense of stability and optimism to our organization.

We are so pleased to feel confident in our ability to continue to support hundreds and hundreds of local kids each year through access to sport, particularly with the outlook around fundraising continuing to brighten with the return of many events and other opportunities that were paused for a couple of pandemic years.  Access to sport can mean the difference for not just those kids at the rinks, pools, fields, gyms and courts of their choice, but also for their family members, who often find a greater connection to their communities along the sidelines, as they together support their kids’ sport pursuits.

Thank you notes from families like Roman’s are meaningful reminders of why we do what we do at KidSport, So ALL Kids Can Play

“Thanks to this support, I am a happy hockey mom. Because of the war in my country, I was forced to leave it. I have found protection and a safe place in the wonderful country of Canada. I have two children; my son Roman’s dream came true, thanks to your money, my son joined the hockey team. He lived by this idea for a long time, now he is training hard, getting stronger and better every time. It is quite a tough sport, training starts at 7:00 in the morning. We don’t miss a single lesson, it’s the best it can be. Thank you so much for your hard work for what you do! This gives great opportunities to those who really want it.”

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