Guest blog: Breakfast2Music

One in six Victoria children arrive at school with empty tummies. That statistic means too many hungry kids. Hungry kids who can’t focus. Hungry kids who can’t learn. The consequences can be behavioural and social problems, failures, school dropouts, and, ultimately, vulnerable members of society.

Breakfast2Music’s (B2M) aim is to change that. So that all children attend their first class of the day with full tummies, we raise funds to support school breakfast programs, giving children nutritious and balanced breakfasts.

Just one dollar gives a child a healthy snack; two dollars gives a child a nutritious breakfast; $200 gives a child nutritious breakfasts for a school year.

Alongside a good breakfast’s importance for learning, music also significantly improves academic performance. Studies prove that it helps learning in many ways: boosts academic skills, notably maths; develops physical and social skills; and teaches discipline and patience. Most of all, the pleasure of music provides lifelong enjoyment.

In the last two years, the four members of B2M raised over $40,000.00 and have supported breakfast programs in 10 Victoria schools with vulnerable student populations. Those schools and their needs are at three levels: elementary, middle school, and high school. We have also supported school music programs by providing tutors to upgrade students’ musical skills, and by helping school bands acquire instruments.

For the past two years, B2M’s primary fundraiser has been the #YYJ Pajama Party. In 2019, 19 Victoria restaurants participated by donating to B2M either $300 or 25 per cent of their brunch profits. Restaurant patrons donated also. Concurrently, the Government House Band shell was the scene of a pancake party for kids, including musical entertainment. We look forward to mounting the 2020 #YYJ Pajama Party.

A not-for-profit society, Breakfast2Music has established a fund at the Victoria Foundation, with all grants from the fund supporting registered charities or qualified recipients including School District #61. Thanks to our connection with the Victoria Foundation, donors receive tax receipts for donations made through the Foundation.

For more information about Breakfast2Music, please visit our website:

Breakfast2Music is a registered not-for-profit society that raises funds to provide nutritious breakfast to school children in Greater Victoria.