Garry Oak Ecosystem Recovery Team Society

Program: Back to Our Roots

Vital Sign: Environment

Total Grant: $10,349 ($349 from donor contributions)

This project will engage residents of the Capital Regional District in the recovery of endangered Garry Oak ecosystem species by promoting and facilitating the use of native plants in residential gardening and pilot a certification process to recognize landowners who take those steps. The increasing popularity of gardening and awareness of the uniqueness of Garry Oak ecosystems and their centrality to the Greater Victoria region’s identity will engage the public in conservation of these nearly 100 species at risk of extinction. The Garry Oak Ecosystem Recovery Team Society‘s project will address local barriers to native plant gardening and will facilitate the launch of the Back to Our Roots certification program, popular in Portland, to motivate involvement and achieve targets.

Garry Oak Ecosystem Recovery Society - Back to Our Roots

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