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The Victoria Foundation is a community foundation and a registered charity accredited by Imagine Canada. By connecting visionary donors with causes that truly matter, we’re able to invest in people, projects and non-profit organizations that make our communities stronger – now and for the long-term. We’ve been doing so since 1936.

The Gail O’Riordan Climate and the Arts Legacy Fund is dedicated to changing human consciousness towards global environment change by combining science with the creativity of the performing arts.

Gail was a musician, teacher and mother who was deeply concerned that humanity was living outside nature’s planetary boundaries and creating unequal access to social justice.

She believed that these threats can be met only through a universal change in consciousness whereby day to day decisions on eating, transportation, living, investing and consumption are aligned with living within nature’s limits and creating a more equal society.

Her Legacy Fund has been established to support, over ten years, the creative arts community—music, ballet, opera, drama, poetry, photography and education – to compose and perform unique events that encourage performers and audiences to be aware of how to change individual behaviours and how to motivate solutions from the public, private and civic sectors to animate transformational change.

Through a collaboration with Creatively United for the Planet Society,  Gail’s Fund has created three videos which illustrate how the creative arts can tell compelling stories on the importance of trees in our urban environments.

Awaken – A Forest Ballet,
Trees Matter,
A Celebration of Nature

For access to webinars about climate and the arts, supported through Gail’s Fund, click here.

The Fund seeks matching donations to augment the resources available to attract a wider range of artists to offer creative solutions to the climate emergency and social justice.

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